Online School King’s InterHigh is Shortlisted for Supporting Associate of the Year 2022

After a year of great work with partner schools around the world, leading British online school King’s InterHigh has been nominated for the COBIS Supporting Associate of the Year Award 2022.

COBIS, short for the Council of British International Schools, is one of the world’s top international school associations. Representing over international 250 schools teaching the British curriculum around the world, COBIS is known for ensuring impeccable education quality. The network is also home to over 150 associate organisations, including King’s InterHigh.

Teaching over 10,000 successful alumni since 2005, King’s InterHigh is known for providing a high-quality, full-time online education to numerous students all around the world. However, that’s not the school’s only offering — they also partner with existing schools around the world, bringing virtual education to even more learners.

Across the globe, schools trust King’s InterHigh to enhance their existing curriculums with creative and cutting-edge hybrid learning. With outstanding online teaching delivered by King’s InterHigh, international schools and training facilities can broaden learning for their students while providing in-person opportunities.

Now, COBIS has shortlisted two King’s InterHigh partnerships for the COBIS Supporting Associate of the Year Award 2022, which recognises transformational projects between COBIS schools and members. In particular, King’s InterHigh received nominations for their work with Chatmore British International School in Bermuda and the British International School in Ukraine.

King’s InterHigh brings a superb and flexible education to Chatmore students with time-consuming aspirations, such as young athletes. At the British International School in Ukraine, meanwhile, students can now take A Levels BISU doesn’t offer thanks to King’s InterHigh’s online classes.

Flexibility and a vast subject range are just two of the reasons schools around the world choose to partner with King’s InterHigh. Others offer specialist training in fields like music or sports and need to bring their students an excellent academic education to match. With King’s InterHigh, schools have the power to expand their offerings with quality, flexible learning, all without the typical resourcing difficulties.

On the COBIS award nomination, King’s InterHigh’s Head of Education Partnerships Mr. Gareth Lucas-Howells expressed gratitude to leaders at partner schools “for their outside-the-box thinking, their innovative approach to tackling a common problem within schools, and their flexibility in implementing new ways of working.” Mr. Lucas-Howells also thanked COBIS for the shortlisted nomination, adding, “It means a great deal to us to be recognised and reinforced by the leading members organisation for the British international schools sector.”

Following an expert panel’s judgement, the winner of the award will be announced at the COBIS Annual Conference in May 2022.

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King's InterHigh

King's InterHigh

King’s InterHigh is an independent British international online school. Offering Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form education, we cater to students from age 7 – 18 who are looking for a high-quality British education, working towards International GCSEs and A Levels, delivered in a way that revolves around their needs and interests. All with the backing of Inspired, the world’s leading education group.

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