New for 2024-25: European, African, and Middle Eastern Time Zones

In August 2024, Prisma will be launching in Time Zones UTC +1 to UTC +6, making our programs accessible to all families around the world!

Over the past four years, Prisma has grown from a few small cohorts to a thriving global community. We’re grateful to our loyal “Prismarians” for spreading the word about our innovative curriculum, personalized coaching, and uplifting peer community!

Prisma families have also used our flexible program to enable a new kind of lifestyle. Whether they’re worldschoolers, expats, or digital nomads, Prisma allows them to design life around their family’s needs, not the school system calendar.

“We had only planned on being abroad for two years, because we thought we needed to get back to the States for Cora to experience “junior high”, but now that we’ve found Prisma, we have no intention of ever returning to a traditional school model. Prisma gave us the freedom to turn a pipedream into a sustainable lifestyle.” -Caitlin D, Prisma Parent

We’ve also heard from residents of countries around the world how much Prisma’s model resonates with them. Current Prisma families hail from Argentina, Australia, Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Great Britain, Mauritius, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, and Spain!

However, until now, world-traveling and global citizen families have been limited by Prisma cohort time zone options. In January, we launched Prisma East Asia & Oceania for learners in Grades 4-7:

“It has been a great fit so far. He enjoys the live sessions and especially his coach, David. He is eager to complete the work and earn badges. Prisma allows us to continue to slow-travel around the world without sacrificing the learning that my son craves.” -Elizabeth A, Prisma Parent

Next up? In August 2024, Prisma will launch a cohort in Time Zones UTC +1 to UTC +6. This makes Prisma accessible to all families around the world! 

Who Can Join? 

Our first cohort catered to European, African, and Middle Eastern time zones will admit learners in Grades 5-8/Years 6-9. (Join our waitlist to be the first to know when we launch new time zones in upper grades! 8th graders and high schoolers are currently welcome to enroll in Prisma. Their workshop times align to North American time zones.) 

Prisma is a US-based and COGNIA-accredited online school serving learners around the world. Regulations around enrolling in American online schools vary among countries. (Talk with us for guidance on your specific situation.)

What’s the Prisma Curriculum? 

Learners in new time zones will experience the same Prisma Middle School program as their peers in North America.

They will engage in personalized, project-based learning in six themes covering all academic subjects through our unique interdisciplinary approach. Learners will build community through daily live workshops packed with collaborative simulations, debates about real-world issues, and academic skill building across the Humanities and STEM.

The Prisma curriculum covers key American standards with a global perspective, inspired by additional standards from the UK, Australia, and more. Prisma learners receive an American transcript from a Cognia-accredited school. This accreditation is highly recognized globally, making transferring to other high-quality international schools a breeze.

What’s the Schedule? 

Our UTC +1 to +6 cohort will follow the North American calendar with the school year running from late August to early June. Middle school learners attend live workshops each day Monday-Thursday. Fridays are flexible days for independent work, outside activities, clubs, virtual social events, and guest speakers.

UTC +1 to +6 learners will begin their days with a 30-minute Standup starting at 9 AM Central European Time. Each learner’s specific weekly schedule will vary based on their learning needs, assigned math group, and outside commitments.‍

Meet Prisma’s Global Community

“As a European currently based in Spain, I am super excited we are launching European time zones at Prisma! I think it will enrich our learners’ experiences as well as allow so many more families to join our wonderful learning community. Also, I can’t wait for some European in-person meet-ups!”

-Javi Bernatas, Prisma Math Coach

“Veda and Niva started last year while living in Europe. They were able to participate via an East Coast North American cohort. Then we spent time in Hawaii, where they currently are part of a West Coast cohort. Now we are headed back to Europe and Asia, and are happy those regions will be even more accessible this year! The transitions between cohorts went smoothly, and my girls are in touch with friends from both groups

Prisma has given our family a way to live around the world without sacrificing continuity or a great education. My girls are developing into critical thinkers, strong researchers, and respectful debaters. They have also built friendships with peers and close connections with coaches. We are excited to see Prisma expand and look forward to growing with the community.”

Anya V, Prisma Parent

We are living in Portugal for one year and decided on Prisma for our daughter, Anya. Prisma offers unmatched flexibility, strong academic pathways for each learner, and the most supportive teachers, coaches, and staff.

Our Prisma experience has been 100% positive. Our daughter feels supported and engaged.

Sherry T, Prisma Parent

‍‍“Prisma has radically improved our worldschooling experience, giving our girls the community and friends they craved while traveling full-time in Europe. On top of that, we love that the curriculum is exciting and forward-thinking.

The diversity of the student body at Prisma gives students a variety of different perspectives on modern global issues. It would be amazing to have more European and worldschooling children at Prisma to share in this dynamic.”

Valerie A, Prisma Parent

“Our son Nils has been with Prisma since 2021, and he has been loving it. We are excited for this new cohort because we have been living in two places, Hawai’i and Switzerland, for the last five years. They couldn’t be farther apart, so having continuity would be amazing! A Europe cohort could also mean meet-ups in places that are easily accessible. What a great benefit that would be!

Prisma came at a time where the local school options were limited for us. Public school was never an option, as we are super critical of the definition of “learning” most public schools go with. Nils loved Prisma from day one and has also come a long way at being self-directed and planning his workload. The topics he gets to work on often make it to our dinner table, which has led us to many interesting conversations. We have a 12 year old who is interested, loves learning, and never says ‘I don’t want to go to school.’ For us, this is all we’ve ever strived for.”

Andrea J, Prisma Parent

“As a dual citizen family, we have had to move back and forth across the ocean, which has been challenging for our kids’ educations. Our oldest son is a gifted ADHD teen, and the rigid UK school system wasn’t right for him. I longed for him to have the flexibility of an American high school diploma. Prisma has offered him that and so much more! His coaches keep him challenged and engaged; they are his greatest cheerleaders but also push him to do his best work. He was able to accelerate his math learning and move up a grade, something which there is no possibility of doing in the UK.

Prisma does a great job of creating community and encouraging the kids to get to know each other in workshops and through clubs. They are such a brilliant bunch of teens, offering smart, engaging input during workshops and also being so supportive of one another. Our son is so much happier at Prisma, and I know Prisma is giving him an excellent education.”

Sarah G, Prisma Parent

Join our community of families all over the world doing school differently.

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