More Than Just a COVID-19 Fallback: Why Families Are Choosing Online Schooling for the Best Education

Did you know that there’s a world of online schooling beyond the haphazard at-home learning that many students experienced during the pandemic? In fact, many families are now choosing purpose-designed virtual schools to get the best education for their children — here’s why.

After COVID-19 forced educators into a swift and panicked learn-from-home transfer, even many of the best traditional schools struggled to provide adequate online provision. From infrequent live teaching to a lack of socialisation opportunities, the experience left families around the world feeling frustrated.

True online schooling, however, is a world away from that experience. It may come as a surprise if the pandemic was your first experience of virtual learning, but the education space is home to several well-established online schools designed specifically for this purpose. Most notably, numerous families are now choosing online schools over physical schools because of all the unique benefits they offer.


As many families to take a more flexible approach to their working lives, it’s no surprise that modern education options are becoming equally popular. Online education is one of the best schooling choices for flexibility, immersing children in their classes no matter where they are in the world.

Just as in physical schools, online school students take part in live classes delivered by expert teachers daily. However, since these lessons are taught remotely (and often recorded for re-watching), students are no longer confined to a static environment or a standard timetable. From Dubai to Derby, at home or on location, as long as children have access to a computer and an internet connection, they can attend their online school classes. In turn, families get the freedom to create an incredible global lifestyle without worrying about their child’s grades.


Online school also afford students opportunities they could never get at a physical school. While education is the most important part of a child’s journey, young people can succeed in their learning and so much more when they have the chance.

That’s why virtual education is the preferred choice for numerous young athletes, actors, and entrepreneurs. With live and recorded classes that fit around their busy schedules, these children can study for the best grades without sacrificing their passions or careers.

15-year-old table tennis prodigy Anna Hursey, for example, was able to become the youngest Commonwealth Games athlete in history without falling behind in her education thanks to online school. 18-year-old actress Bella Ramsey, meanwhile, utilised online schooling to balance her learning with her role in the hit television series Game of Thrones.

Even students who aren’t yet pursuing a serious passion can benefit from the freedom of virtual school. You can cast aside worries of ‘square eyes’ and zoom fatigue; flexible classes give children the opportunity to step away from the screen and enrich their education in all sorts of ways, from exploring the world around them to picking up creative hobbies.


Of course, flexibility and opportunity mean nothing without educational quality. Again a far cry from the pandemic, purpose-created online education can provide the stellar teaching you’d expect from any of the best-ranked schools. Great online schools are home to highly qualified and passionate teachers who use a combination of proven pedagogy and interactive technology to give students the best learning experience.

Virtual schooling also does away with many of the problems that detract from an excellent education at physical schools. In an online class, teachers never have to stop a lesson to reprimand a misbehaving student, and pupils never have to worry about teasing and bullying.

Plus, the best online schools place focus on each student’s wider development too, providing multiple ways for children to socialise with each other, a variety of extra-curricular activities, and support for well-being as well as academics. All in all, virtual school pupils enjoy all the benefits of traditional schools without the drawbacks.

King’s InterHigh

As the leading UK-based online school, King’s InterHigh is designed and optimised for virtual learning. Over the past 16 years, the school has taught over 10,000 successful alumni to date, including Anna Hursey, Bella Ramsey, and many more. With experienced teachers, innovative technologies, 24/7 live lesson recordings, and more, King’s InterHigh is uniquely placed to create the best educational experience for each child, no matter what their circumstances are.

For a school that revolves around you, where every student’s unique potential is nurtured and fulfilled, visit the King’s InterHigh website to discover online study options or discuss admissions.

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