Lé Regent College Develops Its Partnership With The World VR Forum (WVRF)

The World VR Annual Summit being held last week in Crans-Montana, Switzerland goes way back to the friendship between Clayton Doherty, WVRF President, and Didier Boutroux, Le Régent College Head Master. Visionary, Didier Boutroux convinced his friend to organize its annual summits in Crans-Montana. After visiting the school and embracing its ethos, Clayton did not hesitate for one minute.

Indeed, Le Régent College is committed to providing a world-class digital environment for its students and the use of emerging technologies forms a big part of how its teaching and learning evolves. To produce well-rounded, internationally-minded learners that are equipped for success in the 21st-century digital society, the school plans to use emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in the classroom. Its partnership with the WVRF is thus instrumental. This week, Le Régent College’s students have been taking part in a number of Virtual Learning experiences that challenge what we can learn and how we can learn with the use of Virtual Reality.

This year, Le Régent College has had the pleasure of being part of the opening ceremony for the World VR Annual Summit. During the ceremony, Year 9 students and pupils from a school in Shanghai took part in a virtual reality lesson at the same time, bringing China and Switzerland together and breaking the barriers of a traditional classroom environment. A special thank you to Oliver Chien and Jian Wei who were instrumental as they played beautifully the role of translators between the two audiences and countries. Have a look here: https://www.facebook.com/leregentcollege

As Didier Boutroux mentioned at the Summit, “Computing is not an isolated school subject, it is rather a mind-set which permeates every discipline. It is totally integrated into our curriculum and is perceived as a means to enhance teaching and learning.”

“Virtual Reality is not about video games anymore, it’s about social change,” stated forcefully Clayton Doherty at the World Summit on the Information Society Forum held last year in Geneva.

Alongside this opportunity for Year 9, the School set up a virtual classroom in the Senior School, which was made available for students to use throughout this week.

Throughout the weekend, our boarding students attended the last day of the Summit and had a blast!

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