Kingsley’s Corporate Social Responsibility Visit to the Home of the Elderly

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During the Christmas festive season last year, Maple Leaf Kingsley International School organised a visit to the Amazing Grace Senior Home in Subang Jaya to spread the Christmas cheer.

The purpose of this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity is to give back to the community, participate in philanthropic causes and provide positive social value.

We received a warm welcome by the residents of the home. Our visit brought a generous smile to the elderly people at the home. We observed that the aged residents retained a positive and enthusiastic spirit, and found joy in small things. Apart from being a lesson in gratitude for us, the visit also reminded us that happiness is all about perception and attitude.

The residents were happy and excited to meet Kingsley’s staff during their morning light exercise routine. We were very happy engaging with the residents and showed keen interest in helping them in whatever way possible and enriching their lives with quality interaction. This visit brought us great satisfaction and we will cherish these memories in our hearts.

We thank the parents and personnel of Kingsley for their generous contribution towards this positive cause. We are thrilled to have this support and kindness. Through this donation we are able to accomplish our goal to embrace CSR as a school community.

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Maple Leaf Kingsley International School

Maple Leaf Kingsley International School

Kingsley International School ethos echoes the wish of every parent: for his or her child to be happy, productive and fulfilled in life. Which is why we aim to inspire curiosity and bring enriching, real-world experiences into the lives of our students. We believe resilience, self-discipline and the ability to relate to others are more vital to achievement than IQ.