JIS Students Achieve Outstanding Results In The World-Renowned ICAS Assessments

Despite the challenges of COVID, students from Jerudong International School persevered and achieved outstanding results in the 2022 ICAS Assessments, taken in August 2022. 137 students from the School participated, with outstanding performers receiving Certificates for Merit, Credit, Distinction and High Distinction. Students with the top score in their year level for each subject are awarded an ICAS medal and a medal winner’s certificate

Developed for students in Primary and Secondary school years, ICAS assesses the higher order thinking and problem-solving skills needed for success in English, Mathematics, Science, Writing, Spelling and Digital Technologies. Every year thousands of schools participate in ICAS in over 20 countries, providing participating schools with a robust international benchmark of student achievement. ICAS is developed by UNSW Global Pty Limited* and has had more than 9 million students participate since 2002.

Nicholas Sheehan, JIS Principal commented ‘At JIS, we believe in choice and so our parents are able to choose if they would like their children to take these examinations from the University of New South Wales. We are delighted to hear of the tremendous successes achieved by the students who have chosen to take these exams.”

The competitions are for students from Years 3 to Year 13 to assess their academic ability in Mathematics, Science, English, Writing, Computer Skills and Spelling.

65 students from Jerudong International School entered the Mathematics competition this year. Felicia Dhanushayanthy Chinniah, Muaaz Ahmad, Haziq Sabrin, Jaehyuk Yoo, Richard Zou, Lemuel Dhanushayanthy Chinniah, Mithya Mannapperuma and Yahya Husain Ul Hasan were awarded High Distinction Certificates. In addition, 4 students achieved Distinctions, 17 Credit, 7 Merit and 29 Participation Certificates.

In the Science category, 23 students participated and 9 students – Rafiq Sabrin, Alfie Brown, Han Hu, Muezz Amiruddin, Jaehyuk Yoo, Matthias Fang, Lemuel Dhanushan Chinniah, Mithya Mannapperuma and Yahya Husain Ul Hasan were awarded High Distinction Certificates. In addition, 3 students achieved Distinction, 15 Credit, 3 Merit and 18 Participation Certificates.

In the Digital Technologies category, 12 students participated and six students – Felicia Dhanushayanthy Chinniah, Alfie Brown, Ella Henderson, Rishan Das, Richard Zou and Lemuel Dhanushan Chinniah were awarded High Distinction. In addition, 7 students achieved Credit, 1 Merit and 10 Participation Certificates.

“It is with great pleasure that we once again applaud the bold and inspired thinking of all our students who took part in another sensational ICAS,” said Amy Barouch, Group Executive – Educational Assessments at Janison. “Every year we know what it takes for each student – whatever their ultimate result – to decide to sit this remarkable competition in the spirit of pursuing excellence, challenging themselves and stretching beyond their comfort zone. We also applaud the commitment of the families and educators who support them with the daily steps and efforts they take in order to set ICAS participants up for success.”

UNSW Global Pty Limited is a not-for-profit provider of education and assessment services and a wholly owned subsidiary of UNSW Sydney. They are an innovative leader within the education sector, providing schools and students the tools to unlock potential, drive academic success and transforms lives. For more general information about ICAS, visit their website at www.eaa.unsw.edu.au

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Jerudong International School

Jerudong International School

Founded in 1997, JIS Brunei is located in South East Asia, in the small, country of Brunei Darussalam, on the island of Borneo. In January 2019, Jerudong International School (JISBrunei) was the first international school in the world to achieve the highest rating in all 9 areas inspected by the British Schools Overseas (BSO) inspectorate.

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