It’s not too late to make the most of this school year.

Why wait? Choose joy & finish strong!

Around this time of year, kids (and their parents) are often frustrated with their education. And families typically think they need to suffer through the rest of a miserable school year because it’s too late to make a change. 

But, what if now is actually the best time to try something new?

It’s not too late to choose joy and finish this school year strong, and a new environment might be exactly what your child needs to thrive. 

Since making a change (even a great one!) can be intimidating, we’ve designed a seamless, low-risk way for kids in grades 4-8 to try Prisma now.

Your child will receive:

  • Invite to join a well-matched, welcoming cohort of friendly peers
  • Onboarding experience designed specifically for kids who join now
  • Accredited transcript reflecting completion of your child’s current grade level

It’s possible for your child’s education to…

  • Ignite a lifelong love of learning:  Learning should be ‘hard fun’—engaging, personalized, and challenging at the exact right level for your child.
  • Prepare them to thrive in the future:  Alongside robust academics, Prisma learners develop real-world skills.

“At Prisma, learners are never underestimated. They grow unrestricted in areas of strength and interest, receive support in challenge areas, connect socially through clubs and collaborations, and work with coaches who really get to know them.” 

-Prisma parent, Independent Niche review

Remember, learning isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Kids naturally love learning, but studies show kids lose interest in school by 4th grade. When education is tailored to each child’s needs and passions, their love of learning skyrockets

Kids love Prisma because of our: 

  • Inspiring Coaches—Expert educators who challenge and support your child 1-on-1, provide individualized academic feedback, and facilitate dynamic live workshops.
  • Innovative, Project Based Curriculum—Our expert-designed learning cycles cover all academic standards in a hands-on, creative way. The curriculum is personalized to match your child’s interests and needs.
  • Uplifting Community—Your child will build meaningful friendships in our small, tight-knit peer cohorts where kids grow together.

“Cora gets to really design her own learning path based on what interests her, and she works closely with her coach to make sure that she’s staying on track. She has so much autonomy, which has allowed her natural creativity to blossom into confident leadership and self-expression.

Knowing that we have a loving community and access to world-class education, no matter what timezone we happen to be in, has been a dream come true.”

– Catilin D., Parent

98% of parents say their child is happier at Prisma than their last school

Ready for a fresh start?

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