Intensive SAT and IELTS Training Course Open to External Students at Le Régent College

le-regent-logo 1661773_1439593109607328_1363410598_n.jpeg Intensive SAT and IELTS Training Course Open to External Students at Le Régent CollegeIntensive SAT and IELTS Training Course Open to External Students at Le Régent College June 18 – 22, 2018
Deadline for Registration: 22 March 2018


  • 2 full length practice tests with detailed feedback
  • 5 days of intensive classroom instruction
  • Access to AlphaPrep’s test prep software for 12 months
  • Individual discussion and strategic planning with the instructor
  • Scores will increase!


AlphaPrep is excited to announce an SAT and introductory IELTS preparation class. The SAT, a standardized college admissions test, is required by the vast majority of US colleges and can be used for many European schools. The IELTS is necessary to show English proficiency and preparedness for college. No matter where in the world your college plans take you, this class will help!


  • Prepare for the critical reading, math, and writing sections of the exam with unique strategies and approaches.
  • Benefit from individualized instruction that targets their weakest areas and focuses on subjects that will lead to the biggest point increase.
  • Receive personal guidance from instructors on the American college admissions process.
  • Benefit from proven results that will increase their chances of getting into a top American university.


The SAT is one of the standardized college admissions tests accepted in the United States. In order for any applicants to be considered for the majority of US colleges, they must complete this exam.

Because it is so widely recognized, it is also used at several European universities in lieu of their entrance exams. Such schools include Bocconi University, Bard College Berlin, and Jacobs University Bremen.

The SAT consists of four sections and an optional fifth section. These sections are, in order: Reading, Writing and Language, Math Without Calculator, Math With Calculator, and Essay Writing. The Reading section tests students’ ability to read various texts, ranging from Victorian literature to modern scientific papers, and answer literal and interpretive questions based on those passages. Writing and Language assesses standard English conventions (such as grammar and punctuation) as well as rhetorical analysis. In both Math sections, students are given a mix of multiple choice and grid-in questions ranging in focus from Algebra to Geometry to Trigonometry. The Essay, optional but highly recommended, requires students to write an analytical essay in which they identify and discuss rhetorical techniques used in a given passage.

Overall, the SAT provides colleges and universities with a standardized measuring tool that shows an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to his or her peers. Understanding the test, how to approach it, and how to study for it is imperative to doing well.

In this regard, AlphaPrep is here to help. With over 20 years of test prep experience and partnerships with high schools around the globe, AlphaPrep instructors are well equipped to prepare international students for the SAT and help them achieve their greatest score possible. Everything we design, from our study packets to our webtool, is designed to aid students in working smarter, not harder, allowing them to see and feel rapid growth in their understanding and score.

The SAT is a difficult exam. It is designed to allow colleges to quickly see students’ acumen, gauge their academic credentials, and judge whether or not an individual is academically prepared for the rigor of university. Doing well on the SAT greatly improves students’ chances at gaining admission to their top college choices. With instruction, guidance, and practice, students can master this test.

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