Inside AIS-Salzburg virtual classroom: Italian, World Geography, JH Science, P.E.

In our first week since switching to online learning from home, students and teachers seemingly picked up right where they left off back in the spring, the last time we were forced to go online. 


The Italian class had to first translate this story titled ‘Una Stories di Mele’ and then read and record an assigned paragraph from the story. The video below was put together by Andi, one of the students in the class. 

Junior High Science

In Junior High Science, students were instructed to make a “Recipe Card” of Photosynthesis.

In Junior High Science, students were instructed to make a “Recipe Card” of Photosynthesis. Your recipe card had to include:

  • The “ingredients” or the items needed for photosynthesis to take place.
  • The “directions” or the process that occurs during photosynthesis
  • A picture that shows what is happening!
  • Creativity! Use ‘recipe’ words!

The photos below are a few of the submissions from students. 

Submissions from AIS-Salzburg students

World Geography

This video from Aleksandra on the ‘Three Civilizations of Mexico’ was submitted this week as a World Geography assignment. 

Physical Education

With students now homeschooling, physical education has become even more important due to the amount of time now spent on the computer.

To incentivize students, our instructors put together a P.E. Challenge system, where instructors and even teachers challenge students to complete various physical activities. Students can pick and choose which activities to complete in order to meet their weekly P.E. Challenge requirements. These activities range from strength and endurance training to developing skills in various sports disciplines. 

To view the list of various P.E. challenges go to:

The video below is of two instructors challenging students to an at-home workout and two students accepting and completing those challenges. 

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