Impacting the World Through Math

Our high-level math students are doing their part to help our community in Shanghai. They wanted to take part in #SCISDragonfit and add to the discussion of a healthy body and healthy mind! They have teamed up with Lifeline, a non-profit that provides an English-speaking helpline for emotional support and information for the international community. Our students reached out to Lifeline asking if they could help analyze real-life data to support their efforts.

Here is Lifeline’s response. 

Students will be analyzing data from the calls that Lifeline receives to find potential trends among callers and their needs. This data is crucial because it allows Lifeline to adjust programs and train volunteers as needed based on the current needs of community members. Our MYP and DP Mathematics head, Ms. Dunbar tells us more about the benefits of this project.  

 867-img1-Impacting-the-world-through-math Impacting the World Through Math

Grade 11 Math students are studying statistics, probability, and hypothesis testing. They will be examining local, numerical data provided by our partner, Lifeline, and will guide us in evaluating the impact of the pandemic on mental health. This is an excellent integrated Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) opportunity for our Math students.  The collaboration will ultimately allow them to carry out research-oriented service by creating representations or using statistical approaches to provide mathematical analysis to our community partner.   

Ms. Dunbar, MYP and DP Mathematics 
 867-img2-Impacting-the-world-through-math Impacting the World Through Math

A note from our Upper School Counseling Team:

Over the past few weeks, students in Advisory have gone through a series of lessons. Suicide prevention is everyone’s business. It is a complex issue that can affect anyone and people can recover from suicidality. Our goals in these prevention-focused lessons include opening up the conversation about suicide, helping students to recognize the warning signs, having students feel empowered to be able to help, and engaging the students to get help from an adult. Tell someone. Don’t keep it a secret”

Lisa Cuthbertson, MYP Physical and Health Education
 867-img3-Impacting-the-world-through-math Impacting the World Through Math

Are you interested in learning more about how you can have a positive impact within your community? There is still time! Lifeline will be hosting a three-hour student workshop at the end of February. The student education program is developed based on the RUOK program from Australia. Are you a student interested in attending? Scan the QR code below to sign up!

 867-img4-Impacting-the-world-through-math Impacting the World Through Math

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