Hunting for Beautiful Minds: the H-FARM’s scholarship program is back again!

For the third year in a row, H for Human Foundation is setting up Hunting for Beautiful Minds, the scholarship program that offers to four bright students the opportunity to start their academic journey at H-FARM International School.

Founded to encourage the creation and dissemination of digital culture, H for Human aim’s is about facilitating access to innovative, high-quality, and digitally-enhanced courses. With this initiative, the foundation concretely supports brilliant and forward-thinking students giving them the opportunity to fully immerse in the H-FARM International School’s thriving community .

Here they will be able to experience not only the spirit of inclusion, innovation, and exchange – that has been a hallmark of H-FARM since the beginning – but also our holistic approach.

Through our bespoke education package, based on academic excellence combined with creative activities, we strive to endow our students with the fundamental skills to become independent, lifelong learners and global citizens ready to succeed in today’s ever-changing world.

With the Hunting for Beautiful Minds program we aim to share our vision and approach with new students, supporting them to reach their full potential.

The four grants available are structured as follows:

  • one will support 100% of the school fees for the MYP programme (4 years) – to be eligible, it is necessary to have an ISEE  – the Economic Situation Indicator- of less than or equal to thirty-five thousand euros per year; 
  • another two grants will guarantee a 30% reduction on the Tuition Fee and Boarding Fee, for the MYP programme (4 years) and the DP programme (2 years);
  • the fourth one will cover 50% of only the tuition fee for the DP programme (2 years).

Candidates will be able to apply for the Hunting for Beautiful Minds selection until March, 31st on our website; once they have filled out the registration requirements, they will have to take an online pre-selection test on logic, lateral thinking, general knowledge and IT/coding & digital.

The applicants who pass the first selection phase will sit two online tests, one will involve a written English test, to check the knowledge level of the student, and the other one will be a written Maths test.

At the end of the above tests, a ranking will be made and published on June, 6th and the same day scholarship winners will be announced.

For any details about the rules for participation, application and the announcement, you can fill out the form in our school profile and we will get back to you!

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H-FARM International School

H-FARM International School

H-FARM International School , located just outside of Venice, Italy, empowers students to be internationally-minded citizens who are able to shape their own future in a rapidly changing global community. Through innovative learning environments and the development of relationships based on compassion and respect, we enable students to become confident, creative and collaborative. We are a community of active lifelong learners.

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