How Online Education Keeps Your Child on Track for UK Universities While You’re Abroad

Moving abroad from your home in the UK? Simply prefer the esteem of Britain’s universities? Whatever the case, when you’re overseas, choosing the right school is essential in keeping your child on track to get into a UK university. Here are just a few of the ways online schooling prepares students around the world for the British university of their dreams, from Oxbridge to UCL and beyond.

A British A Level curriculum

When you take a look at the entry requirements for any undergraduate course in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland, A Level grades are the first criterion you’ll see.

While most UK universities do accept equivalent qualifications from some countries, the top institutions are highly selective about which credentials make the cut. Popular expat destinations like South Korea and Japan, for example, are known for their academic rigor around the world. Despite that, however, neither Oxford nor Cambridge University accept Korean and Japanese high school diplomas.

Furthermore, even when local qualifications are accepted by UK universities, they aren’t always equivalent to A Levels in every way. In fact, overseas students often need to take on a more intense or complex workload to compete with A Level pupils. As an example, in lieu of three A Levels, Cambridge University asks USA applicants for five AP qualifications at the highest grade, a stellar GPA, and a high score on the SAT or ACT.

All in all, taking A Levels is one of the clearest-cut paths to a UK university. Of course, not every country has an abundance of high-quality and affordable international schools that follow the British curriculum. If you’re concerned about finding a great school that teaches A Levels in your country, online education could be your answer. UK-based online schools can teach students anywhere in the world, bringing your child an outstanding A Level education no matter where life takes your family.

Class recordings for easy catch-up

If you’re moving to a new country in the middle of the academic year, your child may have months of classes to catch up on. Even if your child studied A Levels at their last school, keep in mind that their new school may follow a different exam board — and thus, a different scheme of learning.

Since A Level examinations test students on all aspects of the course curriculum, it’s essential that your child catches up on any material they’ve missed. If they don’t, they’re at risk of poor grades that could lose them their UK university offer. That said, making up for lost time at a physical school is rarely easy. Unless the school offers one-to-one tuition at an additional cost, your child will be left studying past content independently without the help of a teacher’s explanation.

One key advantage of online schooling is that lesson recordings make getting up to speed easier than ever. When students enrol at a virtual school that records every lesson, they’ll get 24-hour access to all the classes they’ve missed. With the teacher’s recorded insight available to help your child every step of the way, they should have little trouble digesting every past chapter of their textbooks.

No disruptions to learning

With just two years to study for those all-important exams, every minute of class time counts for A Level students. However, so much of that precious time is wasted in the traditional school environment. Making it to the classroom, settling down, preparing materials, and packing up when the bell rings — the time these tasks take quickly adds up. In many cases, considerable time is also spent managing behaviour; every time a teacher pauses to reprimand another student, your child loses valuable learning time.

At online schools, on the other hand, every minute of class time is used for learning. Students don’t need to waste time moving between classrooms or transporting materials when everything they need is at their home desk. When teachers can mute a disruptive student’s microphone with the touch of a button, your child can study without any distractions.

With no time wasted and no unnecessary interruptions, virtual classrooms allow A Level students to focus on their studies, retain information, and work towards the highest possible grades.

King’s InterHigh

At King’s InterHigh, the leading UK-based online school, students can study for their A Levels no matter where they are in the world. Highly qualified teachers deliver every lesson live using proven methodology and innovative technologies, with recordings of every class uploaded for 24/7 viewing. King’s InterHigh also offers extra-curricular activities to enhance university applications, with a dedicated university admissions team on hand to support students with their personal statements, interviews, and more.

For a school that revolves around you, where every student’s unique potential is nurtured and fulfilled, visit the King’s InterHigh website to discover online study options or discuss admissions.

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