How Laurel Springs Supports College-bound Athletes

For a competitive and ambitious student-athlete, the road to college-level sports is as demanding academically as it is physically and mentally. Laurel Springs School is home to an ever-growing community of golfers, swimmers, soccer players, tennis players, equestrians, and other student-athletes, making up nearly 35% of our student body, and we fully recognize the unique challenges faced by each one of them as they balance demanding training schedules and academic responsibilities.

Our NCAA-approved high school curriculum is taught by top educators with advanced degrees and blends rigorous college-prep academics with the flexibility busy athletes need in order to reach their full potential. Further, we’re not only a premier online private school, we’re part of a student-athlete’s team – comprehensively supporting them from every angle so they are optimally prepared to navigate the world of college athletics with confidence.

The legendary basketball player Michael Jordan once said, “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” At Laurel Springs, we help student-athletes make it happen, and our specialized support plays a pivotal role in their journey toward achieving their highest potential.

100% Flexible NCAA-Approved Online School

With 24/7 access to asynchronous coursework, Laurel Springs students can progress in their studies at any time, from any corner of the world. This adaptability is crucial for athletes who travel often for tournaments or require varied training schedules. Moreover, students can take advantage of up to 10 blackout dates per semester for recovery, training, tournaments, vacation, etc.

“Working on your own time and managing the importance of tasks is not an easy thing to do, but Laurel Springs helped me get better at this. When I learned to just try my hardest and continue focusing on my goals, my ability to time manage and remain self-disciplined closely followed. These are skills that you don’t often learn in a traditional learning environment. Without Laurel Springs, I truly don’t think I would have been as prepared for college athletics and my career.”

– Mauro Alvarado, 2018 Graduate and Competitive Tennis Athlete

In addition to being NCAA-approved, our course offerings are extensive – with 169 college-prep, AP, and Honors courses to choose from. We also align our 5 and 10-month enrollment periods with NCAA standards to ensure our student-athletes remain on track for both academic and athletic success. All of this in combination presents student-athletes with the ultimate flexible experience. Totally customize your calendar to suit your lifestyle and your passion.

Strategic Athletic Advisory and Counseling Support for Student-Athletes

Starting in 9th grade, each student-athlete at Laurel Springs is assigned an athletic advisor who collaborates with the student’s college counselor to offer guidance on NCAA eligibility, course planning, and the recruiting process. These two primary guides consistently collaborate to ensure each student-athletes’ academic and athletic pursuits are aligned. (Ex: Athletic Advisor will monitor class schedules to ensure changes/withdrawals don’t affect athletic eligibility.) This support is crucial for student-athlete success, and it lasts all 4 years of the athlete’s high school experience.

What athletic support specifically looks like at Laurel Springs:

  • Guidance on maintaining eligibility per NCAA guidelines, including:
    • Reviewing domestic and international transcripts
    • Planning courses to ensure Division I (II or III) eligibility requirements are met
  • Help choosing the best-fit college(s) based on ambitions and talent
  • Answers to questions pertaining to:
    • Continued athletic academic eligibility
    • Recruitment (including information regarding recruiting calendars)
    • Amateurism status
  • Information on how to speak with college coaches
  • Help preparing for official and unofficial student-athlete visits to colleges
  • Advice in the realm of branding
  • Guidance on registration and utilization of the NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Spotlighting and cheerleading on college signing day

The College Athletics Bootcamp at Laurel Springs

This year, in an effort to extend even more support to student-athletes, we’ve developed a week-long, summer College Athletics Bootcamp designed to immerse athletes into the world of athletics – exploring crucial topics like NCAA eligibility, the recruitment process, amateurism, effective communication strategies with college coaches, athletic scholarships, and so much more. Additionally, students will hear first-hand from a panel of college coaches and college athletes, giving them the opportunity to ask questions and hear from key leaders and successful individuals themselves.

Scheduled from Monday, June 24, through Friday, June 28, 2024, this bootcamp is sincerely one aspiring college athletes do not want to miss. More information can be found on the Laurel Springs website!

Enroll Today, Keep Playing Tomorrow

The unique blend of determination, discipline, and dedication required to excel both in academics and athletics is not one to glaze over! We are consistently in awe of our student-athletes and are committed to continuously evolving our comprehensive support systems to meet their individual needs. If you’re a current student-athlete looking to successfully interlace your academic pursuits with your athletic dreams, consider Laurel Springs School. Enroll today and become a part of a global community where your ambitions aren’t just recognized, but actively nurtured for success.

Visit our website or join us for a Virtual Open House to learn more about how Laurel Springs can play a part in your game plan for victory.

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