How Laurel Springs’ Counseling Department Sets a Gold Standard

As a parent, is there anything more rewarding than witnessing your child excel academically and personally? Picture what it’d be like if their educational environment was just as committed to nurturing their growth and success as you are! At Laurel Springs School, this is a reality. We believe in creating a learning space where your student’s potential is not only recognized, but passionately invested in.

In the world of online education, the need for comprehensive support systems is crucial. After all, academic achievement is intricately connected to personal development, access to resources, and exposure to new ways of thinking! This is why our Counseling Department goes above and beyond to provide a gold standard of support: so your child feels empowered and equipped to chase their dreams with vigor.

Tailored Support From the Get-go

At Laurel Springs, each student’s journey begins with a warm welcome from a counselor. No matter their grade level, students are given the option to participate in an initial virtual meeting to learn:

  • How to use the Laurel Springs Portal
  • What course load and work expectations look like on a weekly/daily basis
  • How to contact teachers and counselors for support or guidance
  • Where to find various resources
  • How to be successful in a non-traditional learning environment

Although this meeting is optional, it’s highly encouraged! Every student attends an orientation through our learning management system at the start of their Laurel Springs journey, but it’s these initial meet-and-greets with our counselors that have a lasting impact on a child’s confidence as they get started with us.

Moving forward, every student is offered academic advisory and support tailored to their unique goals. Whether a child is headed in the direction of NCAA athletics or an advanced learning pathway via AP and Honors courses, the Laurel Springs Counseling Department ensures students are provided a personalized roadmap for their education. And, the support doesn’t stop there. Academic advisory and planning is available to students through graduation.

Each Counselor also actively participates in specialized professional development sessions and maintains national memberships to stay ahead on educational trends. Additionally, they deliver monthly newsletters, serve as an ongoing outlet for student and parent support, and cheerlead students from the sidelines as they progress holistically. They are so much more than advisors – they’re champions of individuality, optimally equipped to prepare students with the necessary skills for success in college, career, and life.

360-degree Counseling

Although a child’s elementary, middle and high school years are characterized by challenges just as much as they are celebrations, Laurel Springs’ Counselors cater to each student individually to ensure they feel personally and academically supported no matter their age or unique needs.

In addition to providing support in the realms of time management, goal setting, organization, and independent study, our full-time K-8 Counselors lead live monthly lessons for K-2, 3-5 and 6-8 students – each with a different focus such as “developing a growth mindset” or “how to resolve conflict in a healthy way.” Other unique offerings include:

  • An interactive Virtual Counseling Office featuring activities, a calm corner, relevant and age-appropriate book suggestions, and resources for parents
  • Monthly meet-ups for parents to get feedback, answer questions, or gather strategies for encouraging their child’s growth
  • Robust support for students as they transition from elementary to middle school, and middle to high school

As a student evolves and ages, they’re met with strategic College and Career Counseling. Our professionals participate in college information sessions and on-campus visits, build relationships with admissions representatives, and remain informed on developments in the education field to serve as the ultimate resource for students academically, socially, and personally. Laurel Springs’ College and Career Counseling support further looks like:

  • Leading grade-level seminar courses for 9-12th grade students (introducing and including the use of the college and career readiness tool, Naviance)
  • Counsel regarding AP and Honors coursework, and our Dual Enrollment opportunities through Baylor and Syracuse Universities
  • Helping students identify their best-fit colleges and/or careers
  • Providing guidance on University of California admissions eligibility, and advising student-athletes on NCAA eligibility, recruitment, and navigating amateurism
  • Guiding students as they navigate standardized exams, apply to college and write their essays, seek financial aid and scholarship resources, and experience the range of emotions felt throughout the college admissions process
  • Writing personalized letters of recommendation
  • Serving as a personal support and guide as needed

Starting in the 9th grade, Laurel Springs students are assigned a Counselor that walks alongside them during their high school journey. This ensures they feel optimally seen and supported during crucial pre-college years.

Counseling for Academy Students at Laurel Springs

Students of The Academy at Laurel Springs are assigned an expert Academy Counselor at the start of their Laurel Springs enrollment. Whether they begin their Academy journey at the 6th-grade entry level or join us in 8th grade, their assigned Counselor sticks with them through graduation and also serves as their seminar teacher.

Every Academy student is met with signature grade-level opportunities to self-assess and discover. For example, in middle school, students are introduced to Mosaic and YouScience – two personal development tools utilized throughout the Academy experience to explore and develop strengths, discover one’s “why” and bring it to life, capture and nurture emerging talents, and connect students’ college, career and personal aspirations. In their final two years of high school, Academy students experience mock college admission exercises and participate in a 3-day College Application Bootcamp. These programs, resources, and discussions are all counselor-led and result in a collective feeling of preparedness come graduation.

Counseling for Student-Athletes

Every high school student-athlete is assigned an athletic advisor at the beginning of their admissions process. These advisors partner with our College Counselors to provide an extra layer of support by:

  • Reviewing domestic and international transcripts for NCAA eligibility
  • Planning courses to ensure Division I eligibility requirements are met
  • Assisting with the recruiting process
  • Providing guidance around navigating amateurism
  • Celebrating students on their chosen signing day

This catered approach ensures every student’s academic aspirations are taken into consideration regardless of how demanding their training or travel schedule is. No matter their sport of choice, they’re optimally supported by professionals who know the NCAA like the back of their hand and are equipped to help students get to where they want to go.

A Commitment to Supporting Every Student

At Laurel Springs, support doesn’t end with academic advisory, NCAA eligibility guidance, or counseling in the realm of self-discovery. Although these elements are beyond meaningful for learners at every age, the real tea is that our Counseling Department is the heart of something much, much larger.

If we documented all the ways our Counselors uplift our students’ educational and personal journeys, you’d likely be on the verge of giving up halfway through an endless blog post. So, instead, take our word for it. Our Counseling Department is not just a support system, it’s a collaborative internal community dedicated to fostering the success of every single student; and that, we believe, is something worth celebrating.

Find the Support You Need at Laurel Springs

Remember that joy you experience when you witness your child thriving? You’ll find that here at Laurel Springs. Experience the difference a dedicated, holistic Counseling approach can make in your child’s educational journey. Join us for a Virtual Open House to learn more about our programming and offerings, or speak with an admissions coordinator to get started.

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