High schoolers earn college credit while at Prisma: Project-Based Online School

Prisma High School learners can earn college credit in high school through the world-class Accelerate ASU online offering. This unique program empowers students with accessible, flexible and affordable college-level learning.

This new partnership is the latest offering in Prisma High School’s innovative LaunchPad Program, which prepares high schoolers for a rapidly changing future through: 

  1. College admissions coaching, including pathway explorations, college search guidance, application process checklists and support, and more
  2. Dual enrollment and advanced course offerings to enhance learner college applications and gain college credit while in high school 
  3. 11th-grade Capstone project program, where learners design their own project to show off their top strengths and boost their portfolio 
  4. 12th-grade Internship program, where learners partner with an outside organization connected to their interests and career goals 

Accelerate ASU partners with high schools across the United States to provide students with world-class learning opportunities. In a collaborative and supportive online learning environment, learners can access rigorous college courses designed and assessed by expert faculty at ASU, ranked #1 in the nation for innovation by U.S. News and World Report.

“We’re looking forward to our partnership with ASU as an additional avenue for Prisma learners to dive deeper into areas of interest and open doors for their future,” says Prisma CEO Kristen Shroff. 

Earn up to 60 credits towards a college degree

Studies have shown that students who earn college credit during high school through dual-enrollment programs are more likely to be admitted to college and complete a college degree than their peers. However, successfully earning college credit through dual enrollment courses can be challenging for first-time students, especially for homeschoolers or online learners. 

With Accelerate ASU, Prisma High School learners can start earning college credit within their supportive and familiar Prisma environment. The Prisma High School coaching team will support by helping learners select courses, tracking their progress, and providing guidance as they navigate the advanced material. 

“Partnering with ASU gives our Prisma learners the opportunity to earn college credits in a supported environment where their coaches can provide feedback, assist with college-ready organizational skills, and partner with all stakeholders, including parents, to ensure learners’ success!” says Leena Williams, Head of Prisma High School. 

A more personalized and real-world high school experience

We built Prisma because we believe the traditional high school experience doesn’t adequately prepare today’s kids for a rapidly changing world. We believe high school should be personalized around the needs of learners, offering infinite paths based on their interests. We believe high school should teach real-world skills and life skills, not just academics. 

That’s why our partnership with ASU offers learners lots of choice and flexibility. Learners can choose the style of course they’d like to take: from cohort-based courses with instruction and feedback from an ASU professor, to self-paced courses they can tackle on their own time. Prisma learners will also benefit from ASU’s massive course catalogue, with offerings from Computer Programming to Introduction to Psychology to Poetry in America: From Whitman to Hip Hop

Accelerate ASU also offers learners the chance to build real-world skills by earning certificates that can help them move into competitive careers and internships after high school: from the Project Management Certificate, to Google IT Professional Certificate, AWS Cloud Computing, and more. 

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