H-FARM Summer School: a vibrant experience to enrich your mind.

It is with great excitement that here at H-FARM we are waiting for the warm season to share our plans for a memorable summer.
After the success of last year, our Summer School will open its door again to students from 5 to 19 years old who are interested in an H-FARM fun and full immersion.

A dynamic and innovative program has been further enhanced to deliver an enjoyable experience, striving to inspire creativity, cultivate learning, and develop essential skills in a fun and engaging ambiance.

Our offer will be enriched by bringing together the best educational proposals from H-FARM Labs & Camps, Athletics, H-FARM International School, H-FARM College, and BigWave, aiming to give everybody the opportunity to explore their passions and make new friends in a supportive and stimulating environment.

As part of our educational enhancements, 50% of the activities proposed will take place in English, to simulate what it’s like to attend an international school and in order to help entrants to improve their language skills and be prepared for a future in an international career.
Moreover, in an effort to provide an unforgettable experience, H-FARM has planned a series of off-campus excursions to the captivating cities of Vicenza, Florence, Naples, and Rimini, in addition to the on-campus activities. These excursions will offer a rare opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in Italy’s rich history and culture.

Also, the collaboration with esteemed partners such as Festo, Galactic Unite, Arduino, Qlash, Warner Bros., and many others, besides providing access to new technologies, tools, and resources, will give our students the chance of learning directly from entrepreneurs, scientists, and experts in their respective fields.

In addition, a special focus will be placed on guiding teenagers in choosing suitable academic paths, with activities and projects dedicated to helping them discover their individual passions and aptitudes. This will assist participants in making informed decisions about their future education and career directions.

We are so excited to share this journey and, as we embark on it, we look forward to making the most of every experience as an opportunity to grow and as a wonderful memory to cherish.

You are welcome to participate at our Open Day scheduled on H-FARM Campus on Saturday 15th April.

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H-FARM International School

H-FARM International School

H-FARM International School , located just outside of Venice, Italy, empowers students to be internationally-minded citizens who are able to shape their own future in a rapidly changing global community. Through innovative learning environments and the development of relationships based on compassion and respect, we enable students to become confident, creative and collaborative. We are a community of active lifelong learners.

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