H-Farm on the hunt for young talent offers 4 scholarships

Hunting for beautiful minds is the initiative of Fondazione H for Human: More than one hundred thousand euros in total have been made available to allow 4 brilliant minds to attend the international school on the H-FARM Campus.

Hunting for beautiful minds, the multi-stage scholarship programme to identify four talented male and female students who will be guaranteed access to the H-FARM International School, is back again this year.

Since the beginning, one of the main objectives of our school is to support and enhance the talent of boys and girls through access to high quality study programs, with an innovative approach, designed to enhance the aspect of each student and immerse them in a unique ecosystem such as H-FARM. Since its creation, H-FARM Campus has aimed to be a place where everyone can share, so that culture and education are accessible to the most deserving.

Candidates will be able to apply for the Hunting for Beautiful Minds selection from 15th February to 25th March: once they have met the registration requirements, they will have to take an initial online test that will include questions on logic, lateral thinking, general culture and coding & digital. Those who pass this stage will then be invited to participate, in presence and in safety, in a day at the H-FARM Campus where they will face a written and oral test in English and a written test in mathematics.

The best candidates in the ranking, which will take into account the combined results of the online and in-presence tests, will have their place in the H-FARM International School.

There will be four scholarships available: Two consist of a 100% subsidy of the tuition fees and boarding service, divided as follows: One 100% scholarship for the MYP4 to DP2 (4 years) course, one 100% scholarship for the DP1 and DP2 (2 years) course – to be eligible, it is necessary to have an ISEE of less than or equal to thirty-five thousand euros per year. Another two grants will guarantee a 30% reduction on the total tuition fee, again divided between the entire High School course (4 years) and just the final two-year DP1-DP2 course.

All the rules for participation, application and the announcement are available at this link: https://hbm.h-farm.com/?lang=en
Applications are open from 15th February until 25th March.

 859-img1-H-farm-on-the-hunt-for-young-talents-offers-4-scholarships H-Farm on the hunt for young talent offers 4 scholarships

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