Get Ready for Some SSIS Fun: Behind Our Name!

So, you’ve heard about Suzhou Singapore International School for the first time, and naturally, a few curious questions pop up. Suzhou? Singapore? Why does our name have Singapore in it? Is it a school located in Singapore?

Well, let’s address these intriguing questions and shed some light on the matter!

Are you ready? Here we go!

Question 1:Are you a school in Singapore?

Well, not exactly! When we mention Suzhou Singapore, we’re actually referring to the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). This fantastic place is a collaborative project jointly built by the governments of China and Singapore 30 years ago. Its grand mission is to create a world-class high-tech park that would attract multinational companies and promote economic growth.

As the SIP developed and more foreign companies and expatriates flocked to the area, there was a growing need for quality education for their children. That’s when Mr. Philip Yeo, the Chairman of Singapore’s Economic Development Board, made a bold decision on April 1st, 1996.

Mr. Yeo saw the opportunity to establish an international school within SIP to cater to the educational needs of the expatriate community. And so, Suzhou Singapore International School was born! Our school became an essential part of the SIP, symbolizing the commitment to providing top-notch education for expatriate staff and their families.

So, there you have it – the fascinating story behind Suzhou Singapore International School and why we proudly carry “Singapore” in our name. We continue to thrive within the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) nurturing young minds and celebrating diversity every step of the way.

Question 2:Do you provide Singaporean Curriculum?

When SSIS first kicked off its journey, we did offer some Singaporean curriculums for a few years. It was a part of our early story.

We’ve evolved into an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, and we’re rocking it! Since 2001, we’ve been an authorized IB school, and we’ve been making educational waves ever since.
In 2001, we proudly became the first school in Suzhou to offer the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). In 2003, we got the green light to offer the IB Diploma Programme (DP). In 2008, our Elementary School joined the IB family and became authorized to offer the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP).

As of December 2008, SSIS became the pioneer IB Continuum school in Suzhou. This comprehensive offering ensures a seamless and cohesive educational journey for students from 2 years old to 18 years old.

In addition to our IB programs, we are delighted to provide a German program in our Elementary School. This specialized curriculum caters to the needs of the German-speaking community in Suzhou, allowing them to maintain their linguistic and cultural connections.

To further enhance our educational offerings, we have implemented programs like Reveal Math, Inspire Science and the Readers and Writers Workshop. These programs support our students’ academic growth and provide the necessary structure and rigor as they progress through the IB Programs.

Question 3:Are you related to Shanghai Singapore International School (SSIS)?

Well, it’s a funny coincidence! Shanghai Singapore International School does have a similar name to ours, and we both go by the abbreviation SSIS. So, naturally, many people wonder if we’re part of the same group or something, right?

But here’s the scoop: Nope, we’re not related! Despite the shared name element of “Singapore,” we are completely independent schools. However, here’s the cool part: every now and then, we do have shared events or collaborations that bring together the vibrant spirit of international education.

So, both of us have our own unique SSIS identities, doing our thing and providing an incredible education experience. We’re all about creating an environment where students can thrive and discover their passions.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates at SSIS!

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Suzhou Singapore International School

Suzhou Singapore International School

Founded in 1996, Suzhou Singapore International School (SSIS) is a fully authorized IB World School as well as the first and largest international school in Suzhou, China.

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