Flashback Friday: Theater Productions at ISB

This article is part of a series highlighting ISB’s history of excellence. The school has been providing challenging and joyful learning since 1980. Flashback Friday profiles some of the traditions and memorable moments that ISB continues to build upon today.

WSGallery-ISB-Flashback Friday-5 WSGallery-ISB-Flashback Friday-5 Flashback Friday: Theater Productions at ISB

From curricular to co-curricular activities, performing arts at ISB is based on the Whole Child approach that values young learners’ physical and social-emotional health along with their academic performance. The school believes students should be developing skills, strength of character and passions for life as well as the knowledge to pass exams. So for this week’s Flashback Friday, let us take a trip down memory lane of theater productions through the years.

One Act Festival, 2018

ISB’s One Act Festival challenged students to produce and direct their own micro plays.

They brought nine works to the stage, ranging from a classic murder mystery to rom-coms.

WSGallery-ISB-Flashback Friday-6 WSGallery-ISB-Flashback Friday-6 Flashback Friday: Theater Productions at ISB

Liberation Cabaret, 2018

It’s common for high-quality productions to grace the ISB Theater, but Liberation Cabaret was a show with a difference – it was organized entirely by students.

WSGallery-ISB-Flashback Friday-4 WSGallery-ISB-Flashback Friday-4 Flashback Friday: Theater Productions at ISB

ISB High School students brought to the stage an extravaganza of songs from Disney musicals and popular shows. Taking the audience on a journey from imprisonment to freedom, the show included singing, acting and dance.

Doo Wop Wed Widing Hood, 2019

Packed with tongue twisters and 1950s pop, the fairy tale adaptation was a fun way for grade 3 to 5 students to show off their acting, singing, and musical skills in a packed theater.

WSGallery-ISB-Flashback Friday-2 WSGallery-ISB-Flashback Friday-2 Flashback Friday: Theater Productions at ISB

While the actors in the Elementary School Production were ISB’s littlest, the ES performing arts program is truly inclusive in that it ensures every student can try out acting, music, and dancing, and take part in shows.

Anon(ymous), 2019

This High School Production was a departure from conventional theater, with the student cast and crew using intricate set design, an intimate performance space, and experimental techniques to take their audience on an immersive Odyssey.

WSGallery-ISB-Flashback Friday-3 WSGallery-ISB-Flashback Friday-3 Flashback Friday: Theater Productions at ISB

Beginning with a set piece that served as a multifunctional acting space, students used striking imagery, immersive sound, and theatrical moments to bring this story to life.

The Audition, 2021

As they prepared for performances of The Audition, balancing their regular academics against the hard work and fun behind the scenes and on stage, the Middle School (MS) cast and crew were given lessons on social-emotional health – how to be healthy in body and mind alongside striving for achievement in the play and in classrooms.

WSGallery-ISB-The Audition WSGallery-ISB-The Audition Flashback Friday: Theater Productions at ISB

The Audition was a fast-moving play sprinkled with dance numbers that gave a hilarious and heartbreaking look at the madness of auditioning and the young actors who brave the process.

Hope and Heartache Diner, 2022

The High School Theater Department and the High School Thespians club continued ISB’s tradition of plays directed and produced entirely by students.

WSGallery-ISB-Flashback Friday-1 WSGallery-ISB-Flashback Friday-1 Flashback Friday: Theater Productions at ISB

More than 30 students were involved in everything from acting to design to running the lights and sound for one-act play The Hope and Heartache Diner.

Through the years at ISB, it’s clear that students have always been busy with performing arts auditions and preparatory sessions, showing ISB students’ passion in the performing arts, as well as a culture of inclusivity and encouraging students to strive for excellence at the school.

To end off, please enjoy this short video on this year’s HS production, Clue and the ES Musical, Seussical! And please look forward to the MS production, Shrek Jr on March 22 and 23, 2024.

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