Flashback Friday: Long Long’s Song

This article is part of a series highlighting ISB’s history of excellence. The school has been providing challenging and joyful learning since 1980. Flashback Friday profiles some of the traditions and memorable moments that ISB continues to build upon today.

As we quickly approach the Year of the Dragon, the International School of Beijing (ISB) is excited to launch its new school song, titled “DRAGON SPIRIT!”

A couple of weeks ago, composer Paul Jarman visited campus and worked with our music ensembles in rehearsing the new school song. He led song performances at Middle School (MS) and High School (HS) assemblies and worked with music classes on the art of composing. Paul made sure to incorporate ISB’s Dragon Spirit into the song by taking phrases from our mission and vision.

Dragon Spirit, equality for all

A joy to learn, the freedom to explore

Dragon Spirit, we all walk tall

Find your passion, make it count, give it more

MS and HS students singing the new school song with Paul Jarman, 2024

Make sure to look out for further performances of the new school song during the Chinese New Year assemblies next week.

But don’t worry, even with the new school song, we’re not getting rid of our current one. It will be renamed Long Long’s Song and will still be heard throughout our Elementary School during music classes and assemblies.

From many countries we all come,

But here we all unite as one, 

As Dragons in the sky we soar, 

Wearing blue and white for evermore.

Long Long’s song was first composed and adopted during the 2000-2001 school year. The project was organized by then-performing arts teacher, Cindy Bulteel. The music and chorus were written by ISB music classes, with the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools responsible for a verse each.

One of the student contributors back in 2000-2001 was Owen Fidler, who is now a High School social studies teacher at ISB. His two children are students in the Elementary School. Mr. Fidler said he still has fond memories of composing the ISB School Song with classmates and Ms. Bulteel. He also shared that the tune remains very popular in his family.

Flashback Friday- Long Longs Song - collage Flashback Friday- Long Longs Song - collage Flashback Friday: Long Long's Song

Owen Fidler sitting down with daughter Mia to sing Long Long’s song in 2021


ISB’s school songs are an example of how traditions are continued by ISB community members and how the Dragon Spirit is felt daily at ISB. With Long Long’s Song and DRAGON SPIRIT!, we look forward to continuing old traditions and also creating new ones, that will all be part of ISB’s legacy.

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