Extraordinary IB exam results for ISB students

The most recent graduates of the International School of Beijing (ISB) are celebrating yet another year of excellent results in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, with last year’s Grade 12 students achieving an average score of 35.6. That’s 5.4 points higher than the global average.

The IB is a prestigious two-year program resulting in a diploma recognized by universities worldwide. Demonstrating consistent excellence, ISB students’ IB average score has now been five to six points above the global average for 15 years.

ISB students achieved a pass rate of 100 percent in the latest round of IB exams. While 25 ISB students scored 40 or more out of the maximum 45 points, the school is proud of all its students realizing their potential in this challenging program. They excelled in a range of IB courses chosen carefully to reflect their interests and plans.

The ISB Class of 2023 have exciting futures ahead of them after discovering their passions, excelling academically, and growing socially and emotionally at the school. These students have received offers from universities worldwide, having identified the best-fit courses for them. The students’ success was achieved in difficult conditions that many peers elsewhere in the world will not have experienced to the same degree – this Class of 2023 had to contend with disruption from Covid-19 in all four of their High School years.

A carefully considered academic program

ISB’s High School academic program balances the breadth of the IB Diploma Programme with a choice of courses tailored to individual student interests. Unlike academically selective schools, ISB has an open enrollment philosophy to the IB program, meaning each student can participate if they and their University Advisors and School Counselors determine they will flourish and benefit and that the IB is the best route to achieving their aims for after Grade 12.

WSGallery-IBResults-ISB-1 WSGallery-IBResults-ISB-1 Extraordinary IB exam results for ISB students

With 39 countries and regions represented in the student body and ISB offering a leading Chinese and dual language program among international schools, ISB students are very strong in languages. Thirty of the 91 IB Diplomas awarded to last year’s Grade 12 ISB students were bilingual diplomas.

Continuing ISB’s tradition of excellence

High School Principal Will Paananen said, “Our newest alumni are a credit to the school. These students had an unusual High School experience, so they can be especially proud of these stunning IB results. ISB teachers showed their excellence to best prepare these learners for the IB exams and our students worked diligently to showcase their knowledge and skills.”

ISB Head of School Daniel Rubenstein added, “The Class of 2023’s performance in these culminating exams is a vivid demonstration of their academic quality and personal integrity, as well as of the expertise and care of their teachers, University Advisors, and School Counselors. These ISB graduates are eyeing bright futures, whether that’s entering one of the world’s top universities or pursuing their interests away from academia. They can do so safe in the knowledge of how well they have been prepared by an ISB education and pursuing the IB.”

While applauding the students, Mr. Rubenstein thanked the High School principals, IB Curriculum Coordinator, University Advisors, School Counselors, and teachers as well as all High School families for their work preparing the students for exams.

ISB will welcome students back to campus from August 21 as faculty, staff, and families are anticipating another year of academic excellence and challenging and joyful learning in 2023-2024.

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