Excellent 2022 GCSE and A Level Results for Online School King’s InterHigh

2022 marks another year of superb results for GCSE and A Level students at King’s InterHigh, the UK’s leading online school.

King’s InterHigh students continue to prove that traditional schooling isn’t the only way to achieve success. With live, interactive online lessons and expert teachers, every learner enjoys a high-quality, flexible, and personalised education. Thanks to schooling that fits their needs, these students have achieved excellent exam results this year, preparing them well for their future endeavours.

2022 Results at King’s InterHigh

King’s InterHigh’s GCSE and A Level students received their grades in August, and the school is celebrating wonderful outcomes across both cohorts. “These are results in which the school community can take great pride,” says Ashley Harrold, Executive Headteacher.

The Class of 2022 graduates Sixth Form this year with brilliant grades as well as offers to top universities around the world. Overall, King’s InterHigh A Level students achieved:

  • 30% of grades at A*-A
  • 70% of grades at A*-C

King’s InterHigh IGCSE students, meanwhile, achieved:

  • 11% of grades at 9
  • 41% of grades at 9-7
  • 84% of grades at 9-4

Grade 9 is the new GCSE equivalent to the former A*, with grades 7 and 4 representing grades A and C respectively.

All in all, the school’s Executive Head says, “These outcomes are sure to inspire next year’s cohort with the confidence to reach such standards. We are proud that our students consistently show how taking a different approach to learning and enjoying a more flexible education can still lead to immense success.

Successes in STEM and Languages

While students achieved stellar grades across all departments, their results in STEM and language subjects are particularly notable. Those who are unfamiliar with King’s InterHigh’s learning model may find it hard to picture how lessons like Biology or French work online with no access to science labs or face-to-face partners. However, the school’s results prove that virtual education is no barrier to success.

20% of A Level Biology students and over one-quarter of A Level Chemistry students at King’s InterHigh achieved an A* this year. Similar results were seen at GCSE, where 51% of Chemistry students and 46% of Physics students all achieved grades of 9 to 7.

Outcomes like these are thanks to King’s InterHigh’s innovative and comprehensive way of teaching STEM subjects. Across all year groups, teachers use a variety of innovative and interactive technologies to deepen understanding and retention. For example, instead of growing bacteria or testing pH levels in a physical lab, A Level students conduct experiments using the same virtual laboratory software in use at universities like Harvard and Yale.

That doesn’t mean they don’t get hands-on learning opportunities too. Even in the younger years, teachers guide students through projects like creating model wind turbines at their home desks. Plus, the school takes part in regular STEM competitions across robotics, environmental science, and more.

The same goes for language subjects. Students don’t have to sit in the same room to converse in their target language; they can split up into virtual breakout rooms for the same experience. Plus, King’s InterHigh learners get to use an immersive language app that simulates a native environment, strengthening their speaking and listening skills even more.

In turn, this translates to strong exam results. Take A Level German, for example, where 100% of King’s InterHigh students achieved an A* or A this year. A further 60% received A* or A in their French and Spanish A Levels. At GCSE, meanwhile, 9 to 7 grades were awarded to 70% of Spanish students, 64% of French students, and 50% of German students (with 1 in 3 achieving the top grade of 9 in French and German).

The Students Behind the Numbers

While these figures are impressive, students are far more than numbers to King’s InterHigh, a non-selective and inclusive school accepting admissions year-round.

Every student at King’s InterHigh is on their own unique journey to success, which is why the school celebrates each individual’s achievements — both academic and personal.

Many joined King’s InterHigh because they were otherwise unable to access in-person education during the pandemic. Take Thomas, for example, who achieved four A* grades in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics this year. Now, he’s heading to the University of Cambridge to study Natural Sciences, working towards his dream of becoming a researcher.

Others join after struggles in mainstream schooling, from bullying to anxiety. Heidi enrolled at King’s InterHigh to find the joy in learning again after a hard time at her previous school. Graduating with A Levels in Biology, French, and English Literature, she’s now going to university to study a degree in Veterinary Nursing.

Flexibility is a major draw of online schooling for students like Tabatha, a young handball athlete. Thanks to the ability to fit lessons around her schedule, she was able tocompete for England this year and achieve grades 8 to 6 in all her GCSE subjects while training.

For international student Caitlin, meanwhile, King’s InterHigh’s British curriculum is a pathway to studying a Medicine degree in the UK one day. Awarded six 9 grades and one 8 in her IGCSEs this year, there’s no doubt her future A Level grades will impress her dream universities.

We know that each student is unique, and we are proud of the growth and development of students across the entire school,” says the Executive Headteacher. Students join online schools for a variety of reasons, from flexible learning needs to challenges in traditional schooling, but each one is able to make great strides at King’s InterHigh.

[Our students] have worked incredibly hard, and credit goes to them and their teachers for these wonderful results.
Exams are a huge challenge for all students, but with careful support and genuine care, our online community has fostered an environment where it is possible to thrive and to face these exams with confidence, finding both individual and personal success. Once again, our King’s InterHigh students have shown that learning online can lead to excellent outcomes, a route to further study, and a pathway to current and future aspirations.

Executive Headteacher, Ashley Harrold

Any child can achieve their exam goals with the right teaching, effort, and support, and it is never too late to catch up in the right learning environment. Visit the King’s InterHigh website to learn more about how online schooling could support your child to thrive.

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