Embracing Growth and Achievement: A Reflection on the Year at H-FARM International School

The academic year is coming to an end at H-FARM International School, and we couldn’t be prouder of the remarkable achievements of our students and the entire school community.

Throughout this academic journey, we have embraced growth, learning, and innovation, creating a truly transformative educational experience.

We kicked off the year with a momentous milestone by celebrating the 30th anniversary of H-FARM International School Rosà, one of our three esteemed educational institutions that embody our vision. This significant occasion set the stage for a period filled with unforgettable moments and progress.

Another remarkable accomplishment was our affiliation as a member of the Boarding School Association. This recognition serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in education and holistic care. It validates that we are moving in the right direction and reinforces our dedication to nurturing our students’ development.

Throughout this academic term, our students have consistently impressed us with their resolute dedication and enthusiasm. They have wholeheartedly embraced every opportunity and activity presented by the school, showcasing exceptional passion and commitment.

Their outstanding commitment was evident throughout various events. The MYP5 personal project exhibition provided a precious occasion for our students to showcase their projects, which reflected their fervour, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking.

We are particularly proud of the wide range of eco-sustainable projects presented, including deep observations related to the fashion industry, which is known to be the second most polluting industry.

The MYP 1-3 Science Fair astonished us with their extraordinary experiments and divergent thinking. Our students’ projects covered many different areas, including genetics, taste perception, and respiratory health.

Interesting findings included strawberries having the most DNA, colour influencing taste perception differently for boys and girls, and optimal lung capacity occurring around the age of 25.

Moreover, during the international day at PYP, our young students exhibited the international and open-mindedness that we strive to instil in all our pupils. Their projects address a wide range of topics, including pollution, animal mistreatment, gender inequality, mental health, and responsible travel.

When it comes to sports, our students have truly excelled, demonstrating their sportsmanship and pride in representing our school at the H-CUP and Med-CUP tournaments. These achievements exemplify the core values of teamwork and excellence that we aim to instil in all our students.

This academic period, our commitment to sustainability culminated in us being named the 2023 Best of Green Schools winner. We firmly believe that integrating sustainability education into our curriculum is vital, and during the school term, we have challenged our students to think creatively and critically. Throughout the academic cycle, we encourage our students to think innovatively and analytically, leading to their triumphant win as the best Junior Designer in the Junk Kouture – World Competition. Their creation of a stunning outfit from recycled materials not only celebrates their commitment but also highlights the enjoyable and engaging aspects of embracing environmental consciousness.

During the year, our MYP4 students actively participated in the Acceleration Lab, a weekly laboratory that fostered collaboration within study groups to explore innovative and ecologically conscious approaches. This lab provided them with the opportunity to share ideas, cultivate creativity, and develop sustainable solutions. The culmination of their endeavours was the recently concluded Demo Night, where our students passionately presented their innovative ideas and showcased their projects.

During the event, the ‘Neurovision’ team dazzled with their pioneering project of a website utilising natural language processing to generate 3D models based on user descriptions. Their exceptional work earned them the prestigious golden tractor award, impressing our jury and showcasing the remarkable capabilities of our students.

We recently celebrated the graduation of our DP2 students, marking a significant milestone in their educational journey. Their achievements during this time have filled us with great pride and happiness. As they embark on their future projects and endeavours, we extend our heartfelt wishes for their continued success.

Reflecting on this year spent with our students, we are grateful for the dedication and hard work of our entire community. Being part of a school that values innovation, creativity, and collaboration in shaping the future generation is an honour we deeply appreciate. As we eagerly look forward to the new year, we are excited to embrace it with enthusiasm and a commitment to constant improvement.

Our students have left an indelible impression, showcasing their remarkable abilities and unwavering determination to create a meaningful impact. As a united school and community, we take immense pride in nurturing our students, guiding them to become outstanding global citizens driven by the desire to foster positive change and create a better world. Together, we can make it happen.

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H-FARM International School

H-FARM International School

H-FARM International School , located just outside of Venice, Italy, empowers students to be internationally-minded citizens who are able to shape their own future in a rapidly changing global community. Through innovative learning environments and the development of relationships based on compassion and respect, we enable students to become confident, creative and collaborative. We are a community of active lifelong learners.

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