Education in the mind of every student at Kingsley

Going to school is not the most enjoyable thing in the mind of every student.  What then does Kingsley International School in Putra Heights –  a school with a difference –  does to ensure it enhances the daily journey of every child enrolled?

Parents may have the opportunity to spend the growing up years with their children, however, what every child turns out to be or aspires to be, is greatly in the hands of every adult –  the ones who have the chance to crossed paths with every kid.

In ML Kingsley International School, we recognise the importance of being a positive role model for every child.  We learn to show, tell, listen, counsel, all the while providing this supportive culture, so that the child understood his/her value in society.

 582-img1-Education-in-mind-of-every-student-at-kingsley Education in the mind of every student at Kingsley

In ML Kingsley, we believe and carry out our Mission & Vision seriously – We impart innovative spirit to raise entrepreneurs and ethical leaders, building into them great characters and inclusivity of lifelong education, plenty of engagements and fresh air in a bully free environment.

Come and visit us!  You will be enthralled!

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