Do you want your children to fly higher?

Begin your child’s journey to success at Shrewsbury’s renowned Riverside campus, one of South East Asia’s leading international schools. With an exceptional record of academic excellence and world-class exam results, education at Shrewsbury opens the door to top universities around the world. However, we do more than help students achieve their academic potential. We provide outstanding opportunities outside the classroom, combined with unparalleled support for every student, equipping them with the skills, resilience and passion to thrive at university and beyond. For more stories, visit our website.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your children find their true potential and set them on the path for lifelong success.

We are now accepting applications into Year 7 – 12 for August 2018. A limited number of places are available. Please call Emilia 02 675 1888 ext. 1110 or email

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