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le-regent-logo 1661773_1439593109607328_1363410598_n.jpeg Discover Le Regent Crans-Montana CollegeLe Régent Crans-Montana College is a unique brand new British International boarding and day school in the Swiss Alps town of Crans-Montana, for children aged 4-18.

We are traditional in our ethos and progressive in our teaching, hence enabling us to produce well-rounded, internationally-minded young citizens of the world.

icon-world-schools-1 icon-world-schools-1 Discover Le Regent Crans-Montana CollegeUnique:

we are the first establishment of this type to benefit from both public and private financial grants, thus strengthening our credibility within the local community at a local and federal level. Therefore, we operate as an autonomous, private school while being embedded in the local community. As a result, we appeal to the locals and have enrolled a large number of day students, many of them form Valais. Each and every student, consequently, have the reassuring feeling that they are not part of an insular entity, but that they belong to the community in which they live.

 icon-world-schools-3 Discover Le Regent Crans-Montana CollegeTraditional:

As a school, Le Régent College expects its students to embrace and reflect on its four founding principles: COURTESY, COMPASSION, CREATIVITY AND COURAGE, which guide what we do from the boardroom to the classrooms. Our Ribbons award recognises the commitment that students show to the College’s four core value.Through this approach to life,we encourageour students to become caring and compassionate young people,confident they can create a better world. Through the dynamics of the multi-cultural environment, they are taught to value cultural differences.Two conventional fields of activities, arts and sports, are key components of our curriculum. Being located in a mountain resort, the school focuses on outdoor sports and the discovering of nature. We also offer many opportunities to identify and nurture special abilities in drama, music and arts, thus building the students’ self –esteem – an important prerequisite for success.26 years of experience in leading top international schoolsbacked up with reliable research have proven that students’ involvement in clubs and societies contributes to their cognitive and psychological development. Our children areencouraged to join as many students’ organisations as they wish from a plethora of choices such as reading clubs, MUN, survival skills, sewing and cooking.

icon-world-schools-2 icon-world-schools-2 Discover Le Regent Crans-Montana CollegeProgressive:

We strongly believe that “even though the future seems far away, it is actually beginning right now” – Mattie Stepaneck. With this in mind, our focus is to provide our future graduates with all the skills and qualifications they will need to enter tomorrow’s fiercely competitive job market. Lucky to have built from scratch the school of our dream, we can offermodern, purpose built facilities with state-of-the-art technology in an awe-inspiring Alpine surrounding. A modern while convivial setting conducive to a family-like atmosphere ensures the harmonious progress of each and every student.Convinced that the early years of life are the most important for learning, Le Régent College has opened a Reception class which offers an environment that is caring, fun and filled with stimulating challenges. Our very young pupils are given the opportunity for both indoor and outdoor learning in the exceptional environment on our doorstep. Their learning is supported by the teachers’ planned activities and the children’s own initiatives. We want our young children to play and explore, try and persevere,make choices,be creative, solve problems, and reach their unique and individual potential.

icon-world-schools-2 icon-world-schools-2 Discover Le Regent Crans-Montana CollegeBritish and International:

The College is “British” in its syllabus and “International” in the making of its teachers’ and students’ body. The latter are drawn from around the world whilst most teachers, bar those teaching languages and music, are from the United Kingdom (UK). The UK syllabus is taught to Years 1-10, leading to GCSE and IGSCE, to be followed by the International Baccalaureate syllabus in the last two years of secondary school. We are currently applying for authorization to teach the IB programme in September 2018.The College has already firmly established itself as a leader in English as a Second Language education preparing itsJunior pupils to the Cambridge KET and PET examinations. With its ability to adapt to the needs of children and their parents, the school has also developed a programme for Year 10 ESL students.

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