AV Students Who Cannot Join Physical Classes Receive Personalized Online Learning

We commenced the 2020/21 academic year and we are positive and excited about the times ahead of us. We have opened with a full school programme with boarding, after-school activities, physical education, music and art lessons. In order to keep our community safe while learning, we have developed a detailed resumption plan based on the safety guidelines from the Austrian Health Care and Education Ministry, as well as in conjunction with professional associations such as the Council of International School’s (CIS) and Boarding Schools Association (BSA).

In the meantime, we have been preparing, and are pleased to be able to offer a personal touch to our online learning. We recognise that every case is unique and requires exactly the right balance to be maximally effective.

“Every child deserves an excellent education, no matter where they are in the world, or how they access it; I see my job as online learning coordinator as being the person to make that a reality for our AV students”

Daniela Prath, Online Learning Coordinator

Online Learning Adapted to Students’ Needs

Is there a time zone difference? Is the technology reliable? Is it more beneficial to zoom into some subjects than others? Are some subjects well suited to self-paced developmental sequences? Are parents free to support in the home? How do we balance the need for connection with the need to have sufficient screen-free time? What are the stage, age, and learning preferences of the student?

These are all questions we must answer together to build an effective online schedule that meets students’ individual needs and context.

Our online learning programs will comprise of a blended learning approach and mix of;

  • daily connection check-ins;
  • structured course work;
  • recorded instructional messages;
  • independent investigations;
  • teacher video conference;
  • weekly reports.

The development of every individual program and the set-up of technology required to access and sustain high-quality learning and teaching will happen in discussion with students and parents and our online learning coordinators.

Furthermore, we have a newly developed online safeguarding policy to protect our students online, and our school counselor is available to support in any personally challenging situations and monitor student wellbeing throughout.

As technology becomes an ever-important and defining feature of our educational landscape, and the COVID-19 situation becomes a ‘new normal’, we believe it is incumbent upon us to do more than just ‘get by’ in times that call for bouts of distance education. Our students must continue to flourish!

If you have any questions about our online learning, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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AMADEUS International School Vienna

AMADEUS International School Vienna

AMADEUS International School Vienna is a unique coeducational day and boarding IB World school with an integrated Music and Arts Academy. The mission of the school is to create an internationally-minded community of happy, passionate and aspirational learners.

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