Appreciation: At The Core Of GSN

As one of the core elements of Georgia School Ningbo’s character education program, the concept of appreciation is integrated into all aspects of the school’s culture and curriculum.  To be appreciative means, ” to recognize, enjoy, and feel a sense of gratitude for the good qualities of someone or something.”  Learning to be grateful is an important part of a child’s development, affecting familial relationships and a child’s perspectives on life and future planning.  The development of a healthful sense of appreciation helps to nurture kindness, compassion, generosity, trust, and respect within students.

During GSN’s Winter Art Exhibition, students of all ages were asked to share their appreciation of the artwork of another student.  Below are some of their messages:

Students at GSN practice showing appreciation

To: Barbara – (Grade 5), From: Nina (Grade 2)

 496_img1-from-alex_Being-appreciative-at-GSN Appreciation: At The Core Of GSN

I love your drawing because I like the river and the trees. When I saw your drawing I felt happy. I like all of the colors you used in your painting. I like that the trees are all spread out. I appreciate you and your drawing! Your drawing is beautiful, colorful, adventurous and creative.

To: Shiny (Grade 3), From: Jimmy (Grade 2)

 496_img2-from-henry_Being-appreciative-at-GSN Appreciation: At The Core Of GSN

I like your drawing because your drawing is cool, cute and colorful. When I looked at your painting I felt very excited! Your painting makes me feel happy. I love the snowman and the color you used. Your painting is amazing!!

To: Logan (Grade 12), From: Lionel (Grade 2)

 496_img3-from-jimmy_Being-appreciative-at-GSN Appreciation: At The Core Of GSN

I love your artwork because it looks yummy and the astronaut is sitting on top of the marshmallow. It is so good! The candy cane also looks delicious. I want to eat it! There are so many colors in your painting that that make me feel happy. I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut, so I love and appreciate your drawing!

To: Steve (Grade 5), From: Suri (Grade 4)

 496_img4-from-nina_Being-appreciative-at-GSN Appreciation: At The Core Of GSN

I like your drawing because you use colors that make me smile and feel happy. When I see your drawing it just looks like a masterpiece. Your painting looks like a peaceful place I would like to visit. I love your drawing and I hope that I can draw something as good as your painting someday. Your drawing is creative, colorful and wonderful.

To: Ruhi (Grade 10), From: Henry(Grade 4)

 496_img5-from-suri_Being-appreciative-at-GSN Appreciation: At The Core Of GSN

I like your drawing because it makes me feel excited!! I love the snow, but in Ningbo it doesn’t snow often. I loved looking at the snow in your painting. Next time, we should play in the snow together and you can draw us in your next winter painting! Great artwork, Ruhi!

To: Bob (Grade 10)|, From: Alex – |(Grade 4)

 496_img6-from-lionel_Being-appreciative-at-GSN Appreciation: At The Core Of GSN

Dear Bob, I really like your painting. I love Chinese paintings a lot. I like the mountains, trees and the beautiful waterfalls in your painting. Your artwork makes me feel happy. I really do love your artwork!

 496_img7_Being-appreciative-at-GSN Appreciation: At The Core Of GSN
 496_img9_Being-appreciative-at-GSN Appreciation: At The Core Of GSN
 496_img8_Being-appreciative-at-GSN Appreciation: At The Core Of GSN
 496_img10_Being-appreciative-at-GSN Appreciation: At The Core Of GSN

Showing Appreciation is Central to GSN’s Mission

GSN’s character education program is structured around the school’s 5 Agreements:

  1. Truthfulness and Trustworthiness
  2. Appreciation
  3. Mutual Respect
  4. Attentive Listening
  5. Duty to Participate

Georgia School students are expected to learn to be appreciative of a multitude of factors, including…

       … parents and family
       …their school
       …their community
       …the natural world
       …the wonders of childhood and youth


Written by

Georgia School Ningbo

Georgia School Ningbo

Georgia School Ningbo (GSN), is licensed by the Zhejiang Province Ministry of Education and is the first licensed independent school for international families in the Ningbo region. GSN offers a research-based, college-preparatory, American curriculum for children from pre-kindergarten through high school.

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