AMADEUS Launches International Youth Orchestra

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Always a trailblazer, AMADEUS International School Vienna is now launching an international youth orchestra which is accepting students from 12-19 years old—as well as any teachers, school personnel, or the parents of students who are members of the orchestra.

We are pleased to welcome musicians from outside AMADEUS Vienna to join the orchestra.

“The name of the orchestra might include ‘youth’, but that is because it is for the youth, not because it is limited to youth musicians”

Dr Jeremy House, Head of School

Renowned Conductor Will Lead the Orchestra

Not only will members of the orchestra have the chance to play alongside their mentors, teachers, and other aspiring musicians from around Vienna, they will also have the honour to be guided by the renowned conductor and composer Christoph Ehrenfellner. The maestro has performed his works at various venues around the world and in Vienna, including Wiener Musikverein, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Cité de la Musique Paris, Royal Albert Hall London, Oji Hall Tokyo—and many more.

Students at AMADEUS Vienna playing violin

Christoph Ehrenfellner has created multiple arrangements for violin and orchestra from Schubert and Beethoven, as well as original Ehrenfellner compositions.

”It is truly an honour to have Mr. Ehrenfellner leading the orchestra, and we look very much forward to working with him.”

Mrs Karen Goh, Board Appointed Director of AMADEUS Music and Arts Academy
Students, staff, and family are invited to join the International Youth Orchestra from AMADEUS International School

For more information, visit our website.

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AMADEUS International School Vienna

AMADEUS International School Vienna

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