AMADEUS International School Vienna – HMC International Accreditation

We are honored to announce that AMADEUS International School Vienna has received the HMC International Accreditation!

Earlier this term, we hosted two accreditation visitors from the prestigious HMC at AMADEUS International School. Mr. Howard Blackett (Head of International Member Services) and Mr. Nicholas Hammond (Headmaster of the British International School Paris) joined our staff and students for two days to determine our suitability to join the leading independent schools in the United Kingdom and around the world as an HMC member school.

Formerly the Headmasters’ Conference, then rebranded to the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, and now simply known as HMC – The Head’s Conference, the organisation represents the elite body of leading independent schools in the UK and beyond, renowned for their commitment to excellence in education. Membership in HMC signifies a school’s dedication to high academic standards, exceptional teaching, andholistic student development. Joining HMC is a prestigious endorsement, reflecting AMADEUS International School’s adherence to rigorous quality benchmarks and its role in shaping future leaders.

This benchmarks us against the most successful and long-established private schools in the UK and is are cognition of the exceptional educational provision we offer our students.

The accreditation report detailed numerous strengths within our school community including:

  • The commitment of the staff and school leadership;
  • Warm professional relationships between staff and students;
  • Students who were “articulate, communicative, confident, pleasant and well-behaved”;
  • Unique Music and Arts Academy;
  • Excellent mentoring system supported by robust tracking of student progress;
  • Academic lessons which are “creative and exploratory in their style”;
  • Outstanding medical and catering departments;
  • Strong support of the AMADEUS Vienna Community Association;
  • A first-class boarding facility – “probably amongst the best of its kind in any boarding school”.

We are very proud to read this and pleased that our accrediting team saw precisely what we see each and everyday. This notwithstanding, there is much we plan to achieve in the future and significant work we are committed to doing in order to truly achieve our highest potential.

Our membership with HMC provides us with many opportunities for staff development and information sharing, which will support our continued growth and development. We feel this is also a welcome quality mark for any students and families who are considering alternatives to British Boarding schools, British expatriates in Austria, or those students returning from time abroad.

Last but not least, we could not accomplish this great feat without the significant support of our parents and guardians, faculty and staff, and our students especially. You all are an integral part of the well-rounded experience provided here at AMADEUS.

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AMADEUS International School Vienna

AMADEUS International School Vienna

AMADEUS International School Vienna is a unique coeducational day and boarding IB World school with an integrated Music and Arts Academy. The mission of the school is to create an internationally-minded community of happy, passionate and aspirational learners.

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