100 Days Smarter

In the month of March, GSN officially reached 100 days of school!
The 100th day of school is celebrated in American schools around the world, as it commemorates an important milestone for children, especially those in elementary school. It provides an opportunity for classes to reflect on all that they have learned and what they look forward to learning in the future. It is also helpful for teachers to check on their students’ progress, determining if students are on their way to reaching their goals.

One hundred days of school can revolve around several core subjects, such as math, science, and language arts; and can also help students focus on their classroom culture by celebrating their accomplishments during the time that has gone by. Early Years teacher, Ms. Alma Sifuentes, mentions, “The development of early number sense is critical for children, since it gives them the foundational knowledge needed to understand higher level math in later years. Math is everywhere and our Pre-K students are incredibly inquisitive and more than able to grasp the basic principles of math. It’s important for me as a teacher to promote math learning by singing and playing as we explore numbers and math all around us through hands on activities, and most importantly, by having fun. To celebrate 100 days of school, we counted to 100 by singing, dancing, and exercising to our favorite song ‘Let’s get Fit Count to 100’. The kids absolutely LOVE this and it is a great way to reinforce, practice, and develop students’ number sense.”

Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Lisa, explains that her kindergarteners, “can count to 100 by tens and fives, make equations with double digits, name and describe ten 2D shapes and four 3D shapes!” The students celebrated 100 days of school by bringing in a collection of one hundred items to share with their class and were also very active by jumping 100 times, gluing 100 shapes, writing 100 words and 100 numbers, and eating 100 snacks! Way to go, KG!

As each day goes by in school, students are continuously learning how to become better problem solvers, effective communicators and how become more independent- all factors that contribute to their growing understanding of responsibility and decision making. Grade 2 teacher, Ms. Amy Barr, shared that her aim during the Fall semester, “…was to help build students into confident and independent learners, while ensuring that they develop strong study habits. Grade 2 students are now better able to take charge of their own learning and organizational skills.”

In the fourth grade classroom, students took time to reflect on what has changed across the past 100 days and what they would like to improve on. After their self-assessment, some of them focused on personal goals.  One grade 4 student shared that, “…across the last 100 days I progressed a lot and changed my behavior, mood, and my care for others. For the next 100 days at GSN, I will try to be even more kind, patient, healthy and more inclusive. GSN has helped me with everything. Thank you GSN!”; another grade 4 student mentions adapting to changes: “The last 100 days were a big change for me. I went from country to country, from America to China, to a new home and a new classroom with new classmates! For the next 100 days I want to do more IXL and Razkids and have better handwriting. I want to get better grades and improve my focus.” Congratulations to all Grade 4 students showing strong determination to reach their goals!

Grade 5 teacher, Ms. Rachel Foster, said, “In these 100 days of school, Grade 5 have progressed both in their academic abilities and strength of character. They are growing into wonderful students and academic achievers, always willing to try their very best!” One of the 5th grade students, reflected on his 100 days of school and shared that, “one thing I have improved on during these 100 days is that I was better at making new friends. My goal for the rest of the year is to improve my performance in my After School Activities, my homeroom class, LAMPs subjects (Library Art Music PE, Performing arts and Technology), and, of course, in soccer!”

As Head of School, Mr. Cavon mentions, “In academic life, as in the professional world, milestones are significant because they allow for appreciation, reflection and future planning. At this 100 day mark, we proudly celebrate the achievements of all Georgia School Students!”

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Georgia School Ningbo

Georgia School Ningbo

Georgia School Ningbo (GSN), is licensed by the Zhejiang Province Ministry of Education and is the first licensed independent school for international families in the Ningbo region. GSN offers a research-based, college-preparatory, American curriculum for children from pre-kindergarten through high school.

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