4 things to look out for when visiting an international school campus

 gess-october-005 4 things to look out for when visiting an international school campus

What should you look out for when visiting an international school campus? Campuses often make or break the deal when picking an international school- rightfully so! But how do you understand what makes a suitable campus for your child? Here are some things to observe and think about!

1. Age-Appropriate Spaces

When you walk into a campus, put yourself in your child’s shoes. Even better, please bring your children along so that you can take the cues from them. Observe if they feel intimidated by the space or stimulated by it. Especially for the little ones, it is easy for them to feel apprehensive in a new space. But with age-appropriate facilities, like playgrounds designed with your little one’s needs in mind, sufficient bright open spaces, and excitable elements such as sensory gardens, you will see that your little one will be quickly put at ease.

For older children, it is equally essential that the space does not limit their exploration of their abilities. Be it a playground for primary school children or a sports hall for middle and high school children, sufficient elements should allow students to push their limits while feeling safe and comfortable.

2. Classroom Setups

Traditional classroom setups often have a teacher standing by a board, with students’ chairs and tables facing the front. That arrangement primarily facilitates a teacher-led lesson. We are now increasingly shifting away from that. During your walk around the campus, look for classroom setups that promote collaborative learning and create numerous opportunities for discussions and reflection on one’s knowledge. It is even better if the classroom setup is varied to support different learning styles, including comfy corners for independent thinking, reading, and contemplation, balanced with spaces for teamwork.

3. Facilities to Support Interests

A school should be more than just a place to squeeze the best grades out of children. While good grades don’t hurt, it is also essential that a school encourages your children to pursue their interests, even those outside of academics, and gives them many opportunities to develop new talents and build up existing ones. Significant initiatives coupled with the proper facilities could make all the difference here! Being able to practice in the right-sized pools, refine the design in studios with top-notch facilities, play music like a professional in auditoriums with excellent acoustics, or even perform theatre tricks in the right environment could be beautiful perks to children with specialized interests.

4. World of Resources

Take every chance to drop by the libraries during a campus tour. The libraries speak volumes about how much a school encourages students to seek knowledge outside the classroom.
The more readily resources are available to children, the greater the possibilities for them to continue growing as self-empowered learners. Check out the range of resources in the library and whether it serves as a conducive and inviting place for students and caters to the literacy abilities of students of all ages.

The next time you step into an international school campus, keep your eyes peeled for the right signs of what will make it an ideal place for your child to learn, play, and thrive. As mentioned earlier, bringing your child along and watching them interact with the space is always a good idea to gauge whether it works for them!