How to Find the Right University for You: 5 Steps

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At ISB, we believe that the university search and the selection process is the natural culmination of a student’s years in our school. It is the student’s journey to undertake and lead. We also believe that it is essential to help students identify their strengths and talents with the intention of providing appropriate and informed university and career choices.
A proactive and thoughtful approach will ensure a successful destination.

    1. Self-discovery
    2. Determining personal strengths and weaknesses
    3. Goal setting
    4. Overcoming personal challenges
    5. Perfecting decision-making skills

These 5 steps all contribute to the successful completion of high school and signify an important move toward adulthood.

Students Advice, Support and Guidance
With this in mind, we invite university representatives to give presentations to our students, we organise University Fairs at ISB, as well as University Trips to the Netherlands and United Kingdom for our students every year. By asking students to take career guidance tests and organising one on one meetings, we support our students to make the best decision for their future academic career and the university they would like to study at.

ISB International School Baucharest - class -winners

Promoting  Students’ Social-emotional and Academic Development 
As students embark on this very important journey, finding a good fit doesn’t mean there is only one right university for each student; there are likely a dozen or more good university fit choices for every student. Each student must acknowledge and accept what makes him/her unique, what he/she needs inside and outside the classroom, as well as what resources are available to select the right university. Promoting the development of the whole student as a confident and responsible learner and pre¬paring them for real world success is our goal at ISB.

What our Former Students Say
We asked two of our former students, Ana and Nur, why they chose their current university, how they think ISB prepared them for the university life and what is the biggest challenge they face at the moment.
Ana Maria Anghel was awarded Top in the World for Sociology in Cambridge exams at AS and A Level and she is currently a first year Law Student at the London School of Economics and Political science.

“I have always had a real passion for Law, so being able to study it at an institution renowned for its academics was a great opportunity for me. This, alongside the structure of the Law course caused me to pick London School of Economics.
For me, ISB was certainly an important platform that helped me prepare for university. For example, I was given the opportunity to be a Head Student, which certainly helped improve my organisational skills, essential for university. I think what I miss the most is seeing friends and teachers on a daily basis, the ISB’s unique and warm international community. My challenge at the moment is the enormous amount of responsibility and independence that is required at university. My advice to you all is to learn how to balance the social, emotional and academic elements of your life.”
Ana Anghel

Nur Sharbek is in his first year studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manchester.

I chose to continue my studies at the University of Manchester because it has a good reputation among other universities in engineering and I was looking to study in a relatively small city. The thing I miss most about ISB would be hanging out with my friends, as well as the teacher-student relationship which you don’t find in the University. At ISB the teachers and the Head of School really help you out when you need assistance, push you to get in the best university and achieve the best grades you can. The amount of self-studying, the amount of independence, the freedom. You experience during university is great, however, my advice to you is study for your exams in the first semester and be prepared to self-study during your entire course.”Nur Sharbek

Learn, Respect, Succeed
Established in 1996, authorised by the Romanian Ministry of Education and accredited by the Council of International Schools, the International School of Bucharest provides a complete educational programme for students from ages 2-18. International School of Bucharest follows the National Curriculum for England and Wales, adapted to meet international best practices. We offer International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, which means our students can apply and go on to respected universities in Romania and around the world.