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Germany is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and a fantastic place for a Summer Camp! See an overview at the end of this page and choose the summer camp in Germany that you like best!

Ideal Weather
Summer is the perfect season for visiting Germany as the average temperature go up, and weather is generally sunny and perfect for practicing outdoor activities.

International airports
As one of the most densely populated country in Europe, Germany has a modern transport infrastructure boasting the Frankfurt Airport (the fourth-busiest Airport in Europe) and Leipzig Hauptbahnhof, the world’s largest railway station by floor area.

Summer Sports
Summer camps in Germany are renowned for incorporating various sport programs and adventurous outdoor activities focusing on nature awareness, teamwork, and building self-esteem.

German Language
Give your child the opportunity to learn the German language in an informal atmosphere and to directly apply and build upon what he has learned while practicing fun activities! Furthermore, group activities also represent a great way to make new friends, expand social skills and develop team spirit.

Please find below our selection of the most exciting summer camps in Germany that can make the summer holidays a truly memorable experience, filled with sports, adventures, fun, and learning. Students will have the chance to meet new friends from all over the world while participating in enriching programmes and learning new skills that they keep for a lifetime.

Our selection of the best Summer Camps in Germany

Salem International Summer Schools

For explorers from ages 9 to 12: Salem Summer Camp
The Salem Summer Camp offers innumerable opportunities to discover the world playfully. Set in natural surroundings -the meadows, hills, and woods of the unique region of Lake Constance — and together with other children: this creates an incomparably harmonious and positive atmosphere where learning is a pleasure. In the mornings there are learning groups for both languages and science. Alternatively, children can attend a course which focuses more specifically on “Learning More About…” They will have the opportunity to attend a writing workshop, take part in a mini-university etc. In the afternoons students will devote entirely to practical activities in small groups: art and crafts, sailing, on stage, discovering the woods. At the weekend students take a break from the learning and practical groups. Instead, the whole camp enjoys two days of trips together in the local surroundings.Sunshine, Water, Fun and Many New Challenges: Salem Summer School (Ages 12 to 14)
The Summer School Salem is located at Salem Castle, a Cistercian monastery to the north of Lake Constance. It is designed for children aged 12 and 14, who want to enjoy a diverse program and gain an impression of what life at our boarding school is like. In the morning, English, German as a foreign language (DaF), Natural Sciences and Technology, as well as Mathematics. In addition, students have the opportunity to become acquainted with Salem’s active rescue services and to pursue creative arts and crafts. Afternoons are dedicated to sports. Along with classical ball games we also offer archery, break dance, and a variety of outdoor activities. During the middle weekend, students will explore the Lake Constance Region and may expect an exciting outdoor experience.“Learning through Fun” for Students from Around the World: Salem International Summer School (Ages 14 to 16)
The Salem International Summer School welcomes students from all around the world. The common language of the summer school is English and hence the atmosphere is very international. In the mornings students attend language courses in German or in English. In the afternoons there is a wide range of sports and creative activities on the programme. The middle weekend is just the right time for a variety of different and challenging excursions, such as to the Black Forest or the Swiss Alps. At the Final Evening Production, participants have the chance to show their parents and newly won friends all their artistic talents.

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