Best American Schools in NRW

Best American Schools in NRW best-american-schools-nrw The Best American Schools in NRW | World Schools

American Schools are very popular in NRW. Discover the Best American Schools in NRW.

Why choose the American Curriculum?
The American curriculum offers a broad and balanced pedagogical approach supported by a wide range of co-curricular activities which equip all students with the skills they need in all subject areas. The American school programs are based on high standards of achievement and for these, the US curriculum is one of the most used programs in international schools. The diploma is not only accepted for entry at all US universities but also increasingly by universities around the world.

American schools are a popular choice for international families from all over the world. These schools are designed to provide a core curriculum that prepares students to enter schools, colleges, and universities in the United States and in numerous countries, and this has made American schools very popular among students wishing to enroll into the best private colleges and universities in the world.

Why study in NRW?
With more than 17.9 million inhabitants, North Rhine-Westphalia (also known as NRW) is the most populous state of Germany. The state offers plenty of room for variety and excitement outside of the state’s vibrant economic life. This is why NRW is one of the most popular destinations in Germany with more than 22 million guests per year. The cultural offerings are great: more than 900 museums and 130 theatres make NRW one of the most diverse cultural regions in Europe. Five buildings in NRW alone have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO: Aachen Cathedral, Cologne Cathedral, Augustusburg Castle in Brühl, the Corvey monastery in Ostwestfalen-Lippe and the former colliery Zeche Zollverein in Essen. For outdoors activities, there are 14,000 kilometres of cycle paths and over 50,000 kilometres of hiking trails.

Best American Schools in NRW

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