Is the hybrid high school the best option for the 2022 – 2023 school year?

Much has been said about hybrid learning, yet some still do not possess enough knowledge to understand whether it is the right solution for them and their family. 

The pandemic transformed many areas of the economy, and education was highly affected. Besides the teachers who had to be prepared to teach the courses online and have the exams online, the schools had to adapt their courses to the online environment and update their technology to make the online safe and secure; there were the students who were the most affected ones. 

Education is mainly for students. Education is an essential tool to create the people of tomorrow. 

Online education

While online education existed for a long time, it did not grow as much as traditional education was always preferred. More than the fact that both parents and children found traditional education more familiar, online education did not have the necessary tools to engage students as much as in a traditional classroom. 

Hybrid education

With the increase in education demand during teh pandemic, another type of education rose -hybrid learning. Hybrid learning is an excellent option for education, especially for high school students with various extracurricular activities that can work by the school to prepare them for life. 

Hybrid learning education combines e-learning, online learning and in-class learning. 

Benefits of hybrid education

  • The flexibility of the classes as far as time and space concerns
  • Learning at your own pace
  • Time management – because students no longer need to commute, they have an extra hour; more than this, students choose when to schedule their lessons according to their needs – this will help them study with more passion and commitment. 
  • Accessibility – while most of us do not have this problem, some students cannot afford to travel to school, and some do not have any nearby school where travelling is unsafe. Virtual learning makes it easy for students to access a good education anywhere they may be located. 
  • A personalised curriculum helps students stay engaged as the courses are of interest. Moreover, personalised learning where teachers have direct contact with each of the students leads to better results in challenging courses such as maths or chemistry. 
  • Clear overview of the student learning path and where there is space for improvement and need for help. This is possible with the technology each hybrid school uses. It is an excellent tool for students, parents and teachers. 
  • Higher involvement from parents. Children seem to need the presence of their parents in their learning process. While class made it harder for parents to be there for their children and help, the hybrid learning increases parents’ involvement. 
  • No bullying for students that had a hard time with this.


While some cons of hybrid learning cannot be fully solved – such as accessibility to e-learning for the students from developing countries or locations with no internet connections, hybrid learning offers too many benefits to be left aside.

Spark Hybrid International High School

What makes Spark the choice for you if you choose a hybrid learning is the fit for the future education it provides. 

We follow an international educational model that puts students’ well-being at the centre of our academic programs.

Our teachers are trained in delivering the courses as if they are in the classroom; the technology we offer can create a safe virtual environment for your learning; thus, your WHOLE development is our goal. 

Our students become innovative, global citizens that follow their passions while also developing their skills and attitudes. 


By 2025, the online learning market will reach $325 billion since its inception.

21% of colleges adopted a hybrid model of learning.

53% of students prefer to study online post-pandemic thoroughly (source).

60% of teachers notice hybrid learning improves academic ability (source).


In 2020 when the pandemic was at its peak, hybrid learning was put to the test. The results did not delay from appearing as more and more students, especially those from finish years like K – 12, preferred hybrid learning programs. They attended classes, did not miss any curse, and had better engagement and results. 

While it may seem a big responsibility to engage in hybrid learning, students prefer to take on responsibility and decide when and where to learn from. The freedom this type of learning offers them, shows extra confidence that parents and teachers give them. In the “Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning,” where there is a comparison of more than a thousand studies, which measured the effectiveness of online, hybrid, and in-person learning, the conclusion “was that students found hybrid learning to be the most effective form of learning”.

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Spark School

Spark School

Spark School is a hybrid international High School, launched by Transylvania College, offering the Cambridge International Curriculum. We engage students everywhere in the world to discover and nurture their passions, access the knowledge, develop the skills and attitudes to be accomplished, have healthy relationships, and be innovative, global citizens.

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