Join in on the Fun: Spark School Introduces Clubs and Societies

They also come with a three-month trial period – read further to find out more about our limited offer for new Spark students!

We couldn’t keep it a secret anymore, although we tried really hard to. It is now official: Spark School is introducing Clubs and Societies for the first time, thus widening the variety of extracurricular activities students can participate in.

Why is this important news, you ask? This is a huge game changer for our hybrid community as we are still developing new ways to involve our remote students in activities. Apart from the necessity of being a part of groups and communities, we will also look at the benefits of participating in such activities, in the long run.

But first, what Clubs and Societies are we talking about?

To introduce the concept of Clubs and Societies, they are organisations formed by students with a common interest in mind. The difference between a club and a society is that Societies are for meeting experts, joining leadership positions, doing practical activities, etc. while Clubs are for talking about hobbies, sharing opinions, and socialising. The main difference is that while Clubs have a more relaxed atmosphere, Societies can be more challenging to be part of and require more serious involvement.

The clubs and societies that will be available to Spark students are as follows:

Book ClubYoung IT engineers (gaming, software & coding)
Art, fashion, and craft ClubYoung Lawyers
Board Games ClubYoung Educators

Robotics, maths & physics Club
Young Engineers
Minecraft ClubYoung entrepreneurs
Creative Writing ClubYoung people in sports
Language, travel and culture exchange ClubDebating
Baking/cooking ClubMusic, film and composition
Social Media Influencing ClubDrama & public speaking
Yoga Club
Mindfulness Club

The list is set to grow based on the interests and requirements of our students, but for starters these will be the communities that our students can be part of.

As a limited offer to celebrate the launch of our Clubs and Societies, there will be a free 3 month trial available for anyone who signs up to become a Spark student this month or next. The trial period offered will run for 3 months so students can discover what works best for them and decide what clubs and societies they want to be permanent members of.

Now that we talked about the types of clubs and societies we are going to implement, let’s also talk a bit about the benefits that come with being part of a community like these:

  • Improved academic performance:
    Students who participate in clubs and societies tend to have higher grades than those who don’t and are more likely to complete their degree on time.
  • Enhanced social skills:
    Clubs and societies can help students develop social skills and build relationships with their peers. This is important, especially for students who may struggle with making friends or feel isolated.
  • Career development:
    Joining clubs and societies related to their field of study can provide students with valuable networking opportunities and hands-on experience. According to a study conducted by the American College Personnel Association (ACPA), 94% of employers value students’ participation in extracurricular activities, and 80% of employers believe that such activities help students develop important skills that are useful in the workplace.
  • Improved mental health:
    Participating in clubs and societies can have a positive impact on a student’s mental health by providing a sense of belonging, purpose, and community.

All our clubs and societies will be conducted by our highly trained staff members from Spark or occasionally by speakers or experts in the field. Students will be able to get involved not only by participating, but also by taking on leadership roles that will help them develop their skills.

Apart from teaching good subjects, it is also very important for schools to offer extracurricular activities like these, that students can participate in to gain skills and experience. Nowadays, the job market is constantly changing and new requirements get added to the list of expectations as we speak, but one thing will never change – and that is the appreciation towards students who want and do more. Even if different roles require different expertise and experience, all the roles on the job market will require skills that can be cultivated in clubs and societies.

So now that we have some knowledge about why clubs and societies are good, which ones are your favorites? If there are topics or interests that are not on our list but they should be, let us know!

We also have a calendar available with all the upcoming dates for the Clubs & Societies meetings, but if you want to get reminders to keep up with all the fun things we do, make sure to sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted!

We are constantly improving and changing our offerings as we always want to offer exactly what our students need and want, so any feedback takes us closer to achieving that.

What are you waiting for? Visit Spark School and join a Spark community today!

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