10 resolutions for a successful academic new year

Welcome, 2022! And as with each new beginning, this new year is a great opportunity to have new goals and improve.

While 2021 has been about continuing to adapt to the situation the pandemic has put us through, 2022 is here as a year where we have all at the tip of the finger and the choices are ours to make. 

As a student, we bet you have a lot on the list that will help you reach your goals and become fit for future. For most students, the new year marks the half of the academic year and it is a great opportunity to improve where you need to and shed the old habits and be more dedicated to your study plans. 

Here is a list of resolutions we put together to help you:

1. Learn something new

The newness always makes us more curious and eager to learn. Thus, starting something new a course, a language, a passion is a wonderful opportunity to become excited about something and do your best to achieve it. 

2. Focus on a balance between school life and the personal life

Student or professional worker a balance between the things from your life is needed this is the only way you can give your best to the schoolwork. Having a happy and fulfilled personal life with meetings with friends, hobbies and self-care can help you recharge. It is not about being lazy, it is about taking a break to have bigger energy and greater focus for the school work. 

3. Word of the year – ORGANIZE

When you have things organized you can easier tackle every task you have to do. Having a routine will help you with your studies and it is up to you to decide what this routine means – reviewing the study materials few minutes every day, having discussion points with your school group each week. Being organized looks different to different people, so find what that means for you, whether having an organized desk, a planner where you organize yourself on a  weekly basis, a certain time to go to sleep and wake up, wherever makes you feel in charge and more comfortable, choose and make it happen. It will soon become your new normal. 

4. Have a sleep routine

Making sure you are ready for a new day of learning, needs a good night rest. If you do not have time or simply are not used to the afternoon nap, having a sleep routine at night helps your brain recharge. A healthy sleep routine with enough amount of sleep hours will help you with your learning. More than this it can help you with your everyday tasks, life decisions and response to other stimuli. 

5. Ask for help 

See where you need help, think of who can give it to you, accept that you need help to understand better and reach out. This is the hardest thing to do – reaching out, but we all need help at some tasks to become better, so there is no shame in asking for help. Think of your parents, tutor, mentor or advisor. Each one will surely be more than happy to help you. 

6. See learning as a focus, not the grades

Learning is more important than the grades themselves. Do not compare the grades between you and others, they are not the ones that dictate how much you know nor you are worth. And you should know that sometimes there are courses at which the grades are purely subjective. Make sure you see beyond them, realise how much you know and differentiate it from the grades you have. Do not let them let you down. You can only improve if you learn and learning is what will eventually matter and what will bring you value. 

7. Exercise more

Having a healthy life will help you in all the areas of your life. However, staying healthy and fit is of big importance for your school life and capacity to learn. Make sure you exercise at least 30 minutes per day – run, stretch, fitness, swim, walk etc. Regular exercise can improve focus and decrease stress. 

8. Communicate

This is essential all the time, but now more than ever, when pandemic has put a distance between families, friends, school colleagues, students and teachers, communication is the only means to get in touch and stay close to each other. Improve your communication by being a good listener, asserting yourself, over-communicate is better than under-communicate and making sure you know how to receive feedback. 

9. Choose an internship opportunity

What better way to put what you learn into practice than taking an internship? If you are in a school that can help you find internship opportunities ask for help, if not there are so many opportunities online. Just go check them out. 

10. Trust yourself

Banishing the self – doubt will bring out the best in you. Trust your abilities and your capacity to do anything you set your mind to. Doubting will get you nowhere. Trusting yourself will help you learn and discover new things!

Happy New Year 2022! Let’s make the best of it.

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