Do parents need a direct connection to teachers?

Communication between parents and teachers is necessary, especially for the parents’ ease of mind. 

However, sometimes this communication might suffer a dysfunction. Reasons vary from how parents see their children compared to teachers’ reality to what children tell and do not tell their parents. In this connection between parents and teachers, one thing is a must – trust!

Trusting your child and your child’s teacher are two things that sometimes are in contradiction.

But the truth is both parents and teachers want the best for the children.

Parents want the best learning path for their children, and teachers want to have good results and do their job successfully. 

Thus both parents and teachers share the same goal – the best for students. 

Is there a need for a direct connection with the teacher?

Yes, there is.

It may be a more significant or minor need, but the “need” exists. And the reason it exists is that parents need to know about the child’s gaps, and teachers need to understand how and how much they can rely on parents. 

This depends a lot on the child’s needs as well. Some parents need less involvement, and some need to be aware of everything. And then, some teachers want to connect with families more and some less. 

Should we include the child in the parent-teacher communication?

The parent-teacher communication has nothing to do with either of them and everything to do with the child. This is why we believe including the child in this communication is a must. It does not mean that parents cannot communicate with teachers alone; it just means students should be aware of the contact between their parents and teachers and have the option to step in and be a part of teh conversation or meeting whenever they want. 

The answer is simple: we should include the child in the communication, physically or just making sure the child knows about it. 

Any disruption would prompt the child to think you cannot trust him or that he cannot develop a trusting relationship with the teacher. And any of these don’t necessarily do well to the child’s wellbeing. 

How can parents become a team with the teachers?

When did being a team means the easy way out? Almost never, as being a team requires hard work and understanding. This is precisely what a parent-teacher relationship means. 

To be a team, sharing is the key. 

Parents should share:

  • What works at home
  • Their expectations
  • Their perceptions of what is going on 

Teachers should share:

  • What works in class
  • View on what does not work and how it can be improved
  • How parents can be of help in the child’s learning path

This team lacks the child. Thus children should also be heard and listened to. Before making any assumptions about children’s needs and what works for them, both parents and teachers should listen to them. 

This is why children should share:

  • What they need
  • Why they do not feel engaged
  • How they struggle
  • What they love
  • What their passions are
  • What are their expectations

These are just a few ideas. Anything that worries you as a parent or teacher should be shared. Both parents and teachers can work well towards the best of the children by being allies. 

Having the communication channels open is the key to your child’s success at school. 

Spark School child – parent-teacher relationship

At Spark School, we support a direct relationship with parents and are open to answering all their needs. Our School’s offer is created with the well-being of our community of students, families, and staff in mind. We plan 1:1 Family meetings starting from Admissions and continuing throughout their journey with us. The Induction process helps families create healthy relationships with our staff and the other caregivers from Day 1.

Our platform also allows parents to see the learning path of their children. 


Listen to your children and allow them to feel comfortable with telling you their needs and coming to you for help. While the kind of support varies, children need to know we trust them – both as parents and teachers. Communication is the key to understanding their needs and being there for them.

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Spark Generation

Spark Generation

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