New Head of Spark School to continue the path of innovation

Head of School at Spark School shares his vision with us. Daniel Emmerson’s commitment to global education makes him a dynamic leader for the future of our community.

Spark School is pleased to announce that Daniel Emmerson now leads the team as Head of the School. We are glad he agreed to strengthen the educational path for our international community. His commitment to global education makes him the ideal person to lead Spark’s development and team.

“I am so honoured and excited to join Spark School. I have joined Spark School because I truly believe that this is the future of education. A school built entirely on students’ educational needs, fully adapted to their way of learning. I am a huge fan of the four-stranded education model – academics, leadership, well being and global awareness – that help students be prepared for both professional and personal life. I cannot wait to lead their journey at Spark School. ̈

Daniel Emmerson, Head of Spark School

Today’s education sector offers many opportunities to help students develop their path, both academically and professionally. Daniel will assist us in advancing international cooperation, and it is his pleasure to bring the knowledge and support gained during his experience as Director of Global Education in the same field. Along with Daniel’s welcome message, we want to share some of the new perspectives we have already begun working on.

Spark School is committed to several innovations along with the new Head of the School. One of them is nurturing partnerships with schools to create a global educational network that brings together students worldwide. Our strategy enables us to overcome the shortage of highly qualified teachers, expand the curriculum and deliver it to students, regardless of their physical location. Our programs will help students and teachers better connect with each other and will motivate learners to think beyond ‘business-as-usual’. By stimulating their minds, they will have the occasion to discover new perspectives, and our innovative technology includes us in a future-ready school prepared to change mentalities.

Daniel’s approach will include a flexible development, depending on every person’s need. Regardless of physical location, students will have the opportunity to enrol in these courses and develop themselves as a whole. More than this, we will extend the strategy for our four-stranded education model, which offers holistic development for the future of life and work instead of providing only academic opportunities. To better connect the self-paced learning style, a one-stop shop for young people to choose the subjects they prefer will be created, and we invite you to stay tuned for all the information that will come soon.

A new perspective, the same mission. Together with Daniel, we will continue building a global community where parents, students, and teachers work together and achieve more than academic success, a school ready for future generations.

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