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The American Curriculum currently offers more than thirty courses and exams. Advanced Placement English is the most popular offering, and students with the appropriate scores usually receive college credit to avoid taking Freshman English in their first year of college study. The College Board reports that almost 4 million students took individual exams.

Students receive a grade from 1-5 on the exams. The highest score equals a recommendation of extremely well qualified to the lowest which equals no recommendation. The best universities in the world recognize the achievement of students who graduated from the American curriculum, but the standards for credit vary. Some universities award credit for scores 3 and above while others only award college credit for a score of 5.

How to choose an American School?
The first thing to look for is accreditation. When a school is authorised you can be assured that it meets the high standards of the US Curriculum worldwide. When choosing an American school it might be useful to check its average point score for the last academic years and compare them to the global average score, and the average grade.

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