The Best International Schools in Puxi

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International Schools are very popular in Puxi. Discover Best International Schools in Puxi .

Why choosing an International School?

Moving abroad with a school-age child and starting a new life in another country can be daunting. Therefore, when moving to another country or city, it would be helpful to know which are the schools that can provide globally recognized and eligible qualifications to your child. Thanks to International Schools and their globally recognized curricula (British, American or International Baccalaureate), your child will get a first-class education in a safe and caring learning environment regardless of the country you are relocating to.

Why choosing a school in Puxi Shanghi?

The Huangpu River, extending over 113 kilometers, flows through the middle of Shanghai, dividing the energetic metropolis into two parts Puxi and Pudong. Puxi is the west side of the river, where many expats with families relocate to. This area offers easy access to shopping malls, restaurants, schools, medical clinics, entertainment and nightlife, public transport and give foreigners reasonable access to most of the international schools where children can study internationally recognized programmes such as IB, American Curriculum, British Curriculum. Check out the list below and find the best International Schools in Puxi

Best International Schools in Puxi

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