Solidarity projects with the International Baccalaureate at Eurocolegio Casvi Villaviciosa

 942-Feat-img-Solidarity-projects-with-the-ib-at-casvi Solidarity projects with the International Baccalaureate at Eurocolegio Casvi Villaviciosa

One of the objectives of the international private school Eurocolegio Casvi is to promote solidarity projects among students with the International Baccalaureate. To this end, we offer a continuum of IB programmes (PYPMYP and DP).  Our aim is to develop the social, intellectual and emotional skills that will help them to face the constant changes and challenges of the 21st century, in an increasingly complex environment. One of the common components in all three programmes is the IB learning community profile. That is, a set of ten attributes that Casvi Villaviciosa, as an IB school, promotes among its students. And one of these attributes is “caring”.

We show empathy, sensitivity and respect. We are committed to helping others and act with the purpose of making a positive impact on people’s lives and the world around us.

Definition of Solidarity by the International Baccalaureate Organisation

Strategies for developing caring students at the International Baccalaureate

According to the article “Strategies for developing caring young people” by Emily VaderKamp and Lori Mack, “a caring school culture is best developed when caring is an essential part of the institution and is present at all levels and in all functions. To develop a caring school, leadership, teachers and students must share a caring ethic”.

 942-img1-Solidarity-projects-with-the-ib-at-casvi Solidarity projects with the International Baccalaureate at Eurocolegio Casvi Villaviciosa

All of this is a reality at Casvi Villaviciosa. The IB curriculum also lays the foundations for solidarity to be a priority issue in our school. In fact, our students demonstrate solidarity in the International Baccalaureate through the implementation of aid projects on issues of global importance. These new challenges aim to develop caring members of the community who act to make a positive impact on the lives of people and the environment.

Solidarity projects in all the stages of Casvi Villaviciosa

The transversality of training in Casvi is a fact. And in the area of solidarity, it could not be less. Something that is also achieved thanks to the leadership of Carolina García, the new head of Action in our school.

According to educational legislation, guaranteeing an adequate education “necessarily involves providing a comprehensive and balanced education”.  And although Eurocolegio Casvi Villaviciosa promotes solidarity and community service from  the age of 3   through the International Baccalaureate, it is in the  MYP   stage and in the   DP   when it is consolidated.

  • Solidarity in the Middle Years Programme (MYP). Service as action is a fundamental element of the MYP (IB). It requires students to engage with their local community through the Community Project or Personal Project, and provides opportunities for students to explore, design, implement and reflect on their efforts to positively impact their local environment. Through service-as-action experiences, students learn the value of community involvement and can better understand the issues in their immediate environment.
  • Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) in Diploma Programme. In Diploma Programme (IB) the solidarity section is worked on through the subject CAS (Creativity Activity and Service). It allows students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development through experiential learning. Moreover, according to the University of Bath’s study “The effects of CAS on pupils and communities”, CAS helps pupils to become better at “facing new challenges”, “learning to persevere” and “developing better interpersonal skills”. Furthermore, the vast majority of students consider CAS to be a “demanding” but “valuable” component.
 942-img3-Solidarity-projects-with-the-ib-at-casvi-1 Solidarity projects with the International Baccalaureate at Eurocolegio Casvi Villaviciosa

Some examples of solidarity projects with International Baccalaureate at Eurocolegio Casvi Villaviciosa

Our solidarity students have shown their great commitment to achieving a better world by carrying out different projects. These are some of them:

  1. Environmental awareness-raising programme in primary education by Secondary students.
  2. “Let’s run for Nico”. The whole Casvi Educational Community took part in the talks and races organised by students from 2nd grade Diploma Programme to raise awareness of rare diseases.
  3. New food collection campaign in favour of Caritas.
  4. As a novelty this year, and due to the current political situation, a campaign to help Ukraine.
  5. Awareness campaign on the responsible use of water in Primary School (1st grade DP).
  6. In addition to this, the campaign to collect electronic items with “La Hormiga Verde” (The Green Ant).
  7. Solidarity campaign with the animal protection organisation “La Huella de Wonder”: informative talks and collection of all kinds of products to help them lead a better life.