Bridging the gap: Why multiculturalism matters in international high schools

Multiculturalism is becoming an increasingly important topic in schools all around the world. Discover why it’s so important and how schools can create a more diverse and inclusive environment.

Every country has become increasingly diverse in terms of cultures, religions and ethnicities, which is an excellent opportunity to create a multicultural environment in all industries, especially education. Schools must prioritise self-confidence and how students cultivate this during classes or other activities. Building trust and sharing compassion among groups are sometimes the broadest processes to achieve. It is said that schools where students have diverse, multicultural backgrounds have the chance to develop empathy and a comprehensive understanding of differences. Even online or offline, teachers can raise a flag regarding equity, which is crucial for students to share during classes. Teachers can also facilitate the academic achievement of their students from different cultures and social backgrounds by powerfully giving them the opportunity to include their experiences in different ways. This strategy empowers the school culture to transform positively and gain a strong status among the international community.

When students are exposed to various cultures and aspects of the global community we live in from an early age, they assimilate the differences in a more empathetic way, allowing them to build better relationships and raise interpersonal and communication skills.

At SPARK, we like to positively influence how students, teachers and parents see the world. We build a global community and our aim is to be the global leader in providing hybrid education for teenagers, no matter who they are or where they come from.

The new year came with significant achievements for SPARK School, which gratefully merges the above mentioned ideas. We build our international community and, day by day, are keen to support our students’ needs and offer them the possibility to express themselves. SPARK has students from 10 different countries, an excellent achievement for our community. We thank you, everyone, for trusting our mission and thanks to this milestone we have achieved, our motivation is even bigger to get to as many countries as we have on the map. We now share our values with students from Romania, Israel, Ukraine, Ireland, Greece, Colombia, Germany, Italy and Australia.

One more influential goal of multicultural education is that students have the opportunity to acquire new perspectives. Inclusion, democracy, citizenship or diversity are subjects crucial to be studied in order to offer them the chance to create their vision about the world and the people near them. Our Global Education Courses help them achieve exactly these needs and cover a variety of topics around. SPARK students learn to analyse the world around them, the issues the world confronts, and how to take action to spread kindness and empathy within their communities. On the other hand, our tutors come from different countries, like India, Romania or the UK, and their nationalities help us spread the diversity pillars to our entire global community. Among other benefits, this already mentioned is developing awareness and bridging gaps more than any other aspect.

Multicultural education’s advantages include community integration as part of the learning construction process. Within a diverse classroom, teachers have the opportunity to involve students in the discussions and receive examples related to the topics as they can offer input from their countries. In this way, the students raise their understanding and positive attitudes towards differences and gain more trust in each other. You can be part of this international community, too. We look forward to adding your country to our map!

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Spark School

Spark School

Spark School is a hybrid international High School, launched by Transylvania College, offering the Cambridge International Curriculum. We engage students everywhere in the world to discover and nurture their passions, access the knowledge, develop the skills and attitudes to be accomplished, have healthy relationships, and be innovative, global citizens.

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