International Schools in Oceania

Your Guide to the Best International Schools in Oceania

There are over 150 international schools in Oceania at this time. Oceania, including Australia and New Zealand, offers a rich learning experience for students and a safe and accommodating environment for their families. See our complete handpicked selection of international schools in Oceania below and find the right school for your child.

You can filter schools by country, and filter based on curriculum or cost from there. You’ll be able to see basic information about each school, along with other information that may help you narrow down your selection, including tuition fees, student-teacher ratios, languages, activities offered to students, and much more.

Why Oceania?

Oceania is one of the best places to learn and live for both students and their families. There’s no shortage of places to visit and activities to engage in while living in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, or Papua New Guinea.

Students benefit from a supportive learning environment that embeds them in the local culture, which they can carry with them for many years to help them succeed. Students also benefit from a beautiful environment from the beaches to the cultural hubs of the countries’ cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland. In addition to a wealth of cultural exposure, students also receive one-on-one support to help them excel, along with additional personal support if required.

The local language spoken in Oceania is English, but students can also learn many other languages depending on the school and local culture. Ultimately, the experience will help shape their future while the family comes to call Oceania home.

Students learning in international schools should learn based on an internationally recognized curriculum, which is why international schools throughout Oceania offer the U.K. Curriculum, U.S. Curriculum, and the International Baccalaureate.

Cost of International Schools in Oceania

The typical cost of international schools in Oceania ranges from around $5,000 to $36,000 USD. Many of the cheapest schools are located in New Zealand, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. The most expensive schools are located in cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Cambridge, Epsom, Perth, Adelaide, and Auckland.

It’s often difficult to find the right school for international students, but we can help simplify the process for a smoother transition. Our education advisors are here to give you the assistance you need to make the best choice. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started.


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