International Schools in Eastern Europe

Your Guide to the Best International Schools in Eastern Europe

There are more than 200 international schools in Eastern Europe. Many European national schools are known for being some of the best in the world. If you’re looking for the ideal international school in Eastern Europe, you’ll be able to find the perfect place for your children if you and your family are moving to one of these countries.

Take a look at our handpicked selection of international schools in Eastern Europe below. You have the option of filtering schools by country and, from there, by curriculum and cost. In addition to basic details about each school, you can see information about tuition fees, exam results, the ratio of teachers to students, and much more!

Why Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe is a great place for students and their families if they want to enjoy a rich living experience. Many countries located in Eastern Europe provide a great learning environment for students to help prepare them for success in the future, while the rest of the family can live comfortably in a safe, accommodating community. There are also plenty of places to visit and activities for families to enjoy, whether in the city or spending time outdoors.

Apart from rich cultures, countries like Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, and Georgia all offer plenty of opportunities to learn local languages, which students may be able to learn while attending international schools. While students will primarily speak English in international schools, learning additional languages can help further secure their success as they develop.

Eastern European international schools have a great reputation in many countries throughout the region, giving you and your family a wide variety of options. The main curricula that students will be able to learn at international schools in Eastern Europe include the U.S. Curriculum, the U.K. Curriculum, and the International Baccalaureate.

Cost of International Schools in Eastern Europe

The cost of international schools in Eastern Europe varies greatly depending on the country and area. Generally, the cost ranges from $8,000 to $37,000 USD. Some of the most expensive schools are located in Russia and the Czech Republic, while some of the cheapest options are in countries like Poland, Slovakia, and Romania.

It can be a challenge to find the right international school for your children, but our education advisors are here to help you make the ideal choice. Simply contact us and schedule a free consultation to get started.


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