Beginning the Journey to University

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On one hand, it is never too soon to begin thinking about the university process. On the other hand, the thought of beginning the university process can bring on a lot of anxiety… What course will I study? What grades do I need in order to be competitive? How do I complete the application? What is a Personal Statement? How many tests do I have to take? How do I get into the best University for me?

All of these are questions that will inevitably have to be answered during the university process, but the first and most important step is to think about you.
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Finding your best fit
Having a strong understanding of the academic, social, cultural, and environmental factors that foster your success is the best tool you can have to not only find the best university for you, but to THRIVE, COMPLETE, and SUCCEED at the university as well.

This process is called finding your best fit.There is no magic formula to choosing the best university.

Although ranking may be considered, it does not determine the capacity for success for all students. The college or university that fits you best is one that will:

  1. Offer a program of study to match your interest and needs
  2. Provide a style of instruction to match the way you like to learn
  3. Provide a level of academic rigor to match your aptitude and preparation
  4. Offer a community that feels like home to you
  5. Value you for what you do well

Factors for your success
Class sizes, access to professors, campus structure and amenities, and student culture plays just as strong of a roll in your ability to succeed as your academic ability and preparation. Therefore, take time to think about the factors that are most important for your success.

Can I learn in a class of 300 students or do I need class sizes of 25 or less?

Am I okay with accessing my professor via email or a teacher’s assistant or are do I need to be able to speak to my professor directly on a regular basis?

Would I thrive on an enclosed campus or would I enjoy an urban setting that incorporates the campus’ buildings within the city structure?
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Taking time to answer these questions is a great way to begin the university process.

Admission Matters by Springer, Reider, and Vining Morgan has a tool called “Determining Your Priorities” that students and families can use to help guide their decision making process.

Best of luck in beginning the university process!