Are Boarding School Students in Switzerland Eligible for Swiss citizenship?

 Swiss-Citizen-Boarding-School Are Boarding Students in Switzerland Eligible for Citizenship? | World Schools

While international students are welcome in Switzerland, students traveling from overseas won’t be eligible for Swiss citizenship. Students need to undergo the same naturalization process as other foreigners if they wish to become citizens.

How can a student become a Swiss citizen?

If a student of a Boarding School in Switzerland wants to become a citizen and has no direct family ties to Switzerland through either marriage or blood, he or she must live in the country for at least ten years prior to applying for citizenship. However, each year lived within the country between the age of eight and 18 counts as two, but the person must have actually lived in the country for at least six years.

In addition to spending a certain amount of time within the country, people applying for citizenship need to have knowledge of a national language reaching a minimum level of B1, along with a written level of A2. Students learning a national language while enrolled in a boarding school in Switzerland may be able to achieve this faster.

Individuals applying for Swiss naturalization will require “C” residence permits before they can apply. People with criminal records or living on welfare are unable to obtain a “C” residence permit, which means they won’t be able to complete the naturalization process.

Foreigners who marry a Swiss citizen may be able to apply for fast-track citizenship, but they must be law-abiding, well-integrated, and present no internal or external threat to Swiss security. There aren’t any additional requirements in place from municipalities and cantons, but they can appeal the decision on citizenship.

Education can help with naturalization

Although students are ineligible to become Swiss citizens based on their status as students alone, they can still gain citizenship eventually if they learn a national language and spend enough time as residents in the country. Enrolling as a student in Switzerland at a Swiss boarding school can be a great way to begin your journey toward citizenship if you practice patience and diligence. In the process, future applicants can also become more familiar with this country during their time here as students, which can further ease the transition to citizenship.