Which Language Do You Speak in a Swiss Boarding School?

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In Switzerland, the national languages include French, German, Italian, and Romanian, although the latter is used very rarely. The primary language spoken will depend on the specific canton or province in the country.

Primary languages spoken in Swiss boarding schools

Typically, swiss boarding school students will speak English and students will receive an education in either American or British English. In addition to English, students have the opportunity to learn the national languages of French, German, or Italian, depending on where they are located. Students will learn to speak fluently and have plenty of time to develop their language skills, and they may even opt to take other languages including Greek and Latin in some cases.

Language areas in Switzerland

A majority of the leading international schools and boarding schools in Switzerland are located in the territories that include French- and German-speaking cantons. A smaller number of prestigious Swiss boarding schools are located in Ticino, the country’s Italian-speaking canton. Depending on the preferred language, students can enroll in boarding schools located in any of these areas.

Most international students attending private schools in Switzerland prefer ranking boarding schools in the French-speaking cantons such as Geneva or Vaud, because of the perceived optimal living conditions in these areas. Conversely, the advanced boarding schools in the German-speaking areas feature notably simpler living conditions and a higher level of discipline.

Studying two or more languages at higher levels

Once students reach high school level, they will study up to two or three languages before graduating and receiving their diploma. Learning to speak different languages can help broaden students’ ability to communicate abroad while also helping open up additional foreign opportunities to study, live, and work in the future.

If students want to learn how to speak one or more foreign languages fluently, Swiss boarding schools are among the best institutions to enroll in, whether they want to learn English, French, German, or Italian. Regardless of where students attend boarding school in Switzerland, they’ll have the opportunity to develop language skills along with many others to help them succeed.