Top 5 Benefits of Boarding

Attending a Boarding School is such a unique experience in a unique environment; the children are away from their own homes, but they become part of a ‘family of friends.’

One of the most important elements of a great boarding school is the ability to create a place where children feel relaxed and supported—and when done correctly, there are many benefits to a positive boarding experience.

What are the Benefits of Boarding?:

 1. Expert pastoral guidance

In the welcoming environment of a great boarding house, ‘House Parents’ and ‘House Deans’ ensure good guidance to their boarders. This stretches from developing core values and supporting any personal issues a child might be experiencing, to strict rules on mobile and screen usage, to help children build interpersonal skills and discover new hobbies.

2. Less time commuting, more time engaging.

Everyone knows commuter hour is busy and, particularly in cities like Bangkok, the journey to and from school can take up many precious hours of the day. The boarders at Rugby School Thailand, for example, cut out the commute and instead enjoy a short walk along green pathways to get to class. This means they have more time to engage—with friends, with lessons and study, with free play, and with new hobbies and extracurricular activities.

3. Friendships for life

The friendships made in boarding houses are incredibly strong. There is a sense of family community that comes from living together, caring for and supporting each other, and enjoying free-time together. Some of the deepest-rooted friendships develop during a student’s time at boarding school.

4. A sense of independence

From the first boarding years in Primary to the last ones in Secondary, great boarding schools build a sense of independence in children that helps them through life. For example, at Rugby School Thailand, children make their own bed and are encouraged to help with laundry, or with loading the dishwasher after snacks. This all contributes to our boarders leaving school with a mature attitude and prepared for the demands of university.

5. Incredible facilities and extracurriculars

Like all great boarding schools, the facilities at Rugby School Thailand become part of students’ home environment. This means playing fields are a back garden for boarders, and swimming in the school pools, exploring the nature trails around the grounds, and camping in the Outdoor Education Centre are regular activities. Life on campus is dynamic and inspiring—but we also take boarders to a whole host of exciting local places on weekend excursions.

Tim Jones, House Parent of Marshall House, Rugby School Thailand